Promoting Dance Performance at AAA K-12

Meeting Friday, April 15, 2016

MEETING PLACE is CHANGED to HS Dance Studio @ 4:00 Hope you can come. Park in the East Parking Lot (off 5th ST.)...I'll stand outside and guide you through the crazy HS halls.

We want to create a group of families to come along side the two AAA dance teachers and help them throughout the rest of this year and into the next with performance programming, dance costume ordering and managing (sewing), and field trip planning, fundraising and fee collection.

If you are interested in being an AAA Dance MOM come and meet up for a VERY QUICK brainstorm session.

The hope is to create this group now and add to our numbers, maintaining a good backbone of volunteers to pass from year to year.

Comment below or contact Brooke Payne

Brooke Payne

479-621-3123 Call or Text anytime before 10:00pm