Internal Newsletter

Wake me up when September Ends

Everything is new.

New semester, new challenges.

It had been a month our university life started again. Most of us spent our time creating our own 6 week stories. And now we are pumped up for new challenges!

Back to UniMas

After going for exchange, lots f us have a lot to share no matter its a good or bad experience. Thus, we had made our very first event of our new semester that is AIESEC NIGHT!!
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Exchange participants shared their stories to the audience and we had shared our opportunities portal as well.



1. Collaboration with TM to carry out AIESEC Night. It was an awesome night

2. RIS to complete our exchange participants journey. There were lots of awesome stories and we learn a lot from their stories.

3. Partnerships with other countries, entities for our Global Citizen Programme.

Secured partnership with Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

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ICX Updates:

1. Animal's Heroes by SSPCA

We have our Germany, Denmark, Japanese total of 6 EPs to work with them.

2. Share the Love 2.0 by KAA

Our Netherlands EP work with this project to share her love.
3. Ongoing Matching for Plastic Avengers

4. Took up National Projects- Career Development and Food Ninja

5. Recruitment of OC Team.


We are proud to announce that we have a new additional advisor for our organization. That is Mr. Chuah Kee Man. He is very supporting to us. We hope we will not disappoint him in whatever we do.


What have they done in the month of September?

1. Flashmob in Pavillion

2. Marketing for AIESEC Night
3. Digital Marketing


After AIESEC night, we received quite a number of applicants to join our big family. Even our returning EPs were interested. Therefore we TM had carry out assessments for every applicants.

We welcome our new babies on board!

Members Induction Day was carried on 22nd September 2015. It was our very first complete AIESEC family meet up.
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Local Leadership Development Seminar

Our LLDS 2015 was a successful one. It was held in Permai Rainforest on 25th to 27th of September. We invited awesome chair and facis which are Ann (our MCVP TM), Cyrus, Zyuin (junior track chair), SinTing and Jian Ming to shape us more.

It was very inspiring to our junior executives and a refreshing experience to the senior members.

Senior members rediscover ourselves and to understand more what is leadership in us.

Junior executives understand more about AIESEC and our LC focus. They have went through the X-stimulation. It was confusing for the junior executives but they handled it very well. *so proud of you junior*

Most important through out this 3 days 2 nights of seminar, we get to know and understand each others.

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It has been a busy yet fruitful month

I would say it has been a long month for most of us. But let us embrace the all the new things. New semester, new family members, new faces, new teams, new challenges, and new memories to create together!

I would also dedicate this song by Green Day - Wake me up when September ends.

As September have ends, we are wide awake now with our dreams and goals. Now is October month and let us strive our goals together!

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