Decorative steel stainless sheets

How to Choose High Quality Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets?

Recently, colored stainless steel sheets are widely used in decoration, which brings a fresh feeling to the decoration market. Its various styles, affordable price, and durability make them become one of the favorite decorative materials. So, we will share some tips to select high-quality decorative steel stainless sheets.

1. Distinguish sheet materials

Currently, decorative stainless steel sheets in the market are mainly processed with 201 type, 304 type and 316 type of stainless steel sheets. Among them, 316 type has the best corrosion resistance, and the worst quality of the material is 201 type. Also their price has big difference. Some manufacturers will replace 304 type and 316 type with 201 type or sell those decorative sheets that are changed the vacuum ion plating coloring process as the water plating coloring process, which causes color fading, rust and cracking for colored mirror stainless steel sheets and stainless steel titanium sheets during the decoration. Therefore, the inspection on sheet material during the purchase process is essential and the material can be distinguished by detecting syrup.

2. Coloring process on surface

Coloring process is also an important factor that determines the price of decorative stainless steel sheets. The difference between the vacuum ion plating coloring and the water plating coloring is that the combination force of the vacuum ion plating coloring layer and the work device surface is larger than that of the water plating coloring. Furthermore, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the vacuum ion plating coloring are also better. The vacuum ion plating coloring coating does not produce toxic or polluting substances while the water plating coloring does.

3. Observing the metal surface

As colored steel plate stainless steel sheets are mainly used for building decoration, its decorative ornamental is particularly important. So when you inspect the products, you need to examine whether there is color difference, even coloring, scratches, blisters, and peeling water marks. For instance, mirror stainless steel sheets have a mirror effect, if their quality is good, the surface should be no grinding flowers or hoof prints, and the brightness is higher.

4. Protective film quality

After the processing, colored stainless steel products need to affix a protective film on the surface, which can guarantee the fineness will not be contaminated or be scratched by hard objects. But if the protective film is of poor quality and is placed for a long time, there will be chalking, difficult to tear or there will be a lot of glue stuck on the stainless steel surface after it is torn which causes the metal surface unattractive or have trouble cleaning. You can tear a large area of protective film to inspect the quality; after the installation is completed, you should tear the film as soon as possible, especially outdoor decoration works.