And We Stay

by Jenny Hubbard / Madi york / Ms. Hall / English-1h 5th

Friendship and Isolation

While reading "And We Stay", I addressed the question, what is the author saying about isolation. I have determined the answer is, she is showing isolation by the story being about a relationship with a boyfriend and how he got out of hand and became psycho and took his own life and it is showing isolation to the girlfriend because she knows she can never see him again leaving her isolated and alone.

Friendship and Isolation

I have supported my position with the evidence that by her boyfriend committing suicide has left her in a isolated position and she cannot figure out a way around it and her aunt thinks the only way out is to go to boarding school and find some people with similar backgrounds that shows relation to hopefully help her out. This evidence clearly supports my answer because it is clearly stating throughout the whole story that she was isolated and is working her way out of her depression. I also have created a tragedy that supports this answer in the following way, because she starts her story with a boyfriend that she thought was gonna be the love of her life who ends up turning insane and taking his own life leaving her isolated.

My view on the relation

My particular insight on the theme of this book and how my topic connects is that it connects really well to me. This girl gets a boyfriend and they are dating for well past a year when all of a sudden he starts going insane and being an over protective type person. She thinks it odd and just moves on, well a couple weeks later he pulls a gun out on her and threatens her, no one gets hurt but later into that week he takes his own life. She is devastated because she never felt like she had a family and like no one loved her but him. Now that he is gone she has no one leaving her feeling like she is isolated and has no one to turn to. This to me tells how isolation is related to the book And We Stay.