Tech Tips & Info

Shrewsbury Elementary

Our school technology committee meets once a month and is working hard to take our school's technology to the next level. This newsletter was created to share our information with you. If you have questions please see one of our representatives!

  • K - Jenn Schiding
  • 1 - Michelle Harbold
  • 2 - Sarah Bunch
  • 3 - Missy Taylor
  • 3 - Brooke Lesinski
  • 4 - Mark Finn
  • 5 - Audra Cabrera
  • 6 - Sharon Lytle
  • Special Ed - Keri Ei
  • Specialists - Wendy Fitzgerald
  • Admin - Randy Fox/Mary Dankosky

Sites for student assessment and practice


Student response site which gives immediate feedback to teachers.


Kahoot is a great way to assess your students knowledge of a subject in a fun way! This game type assessment allows you to add a video clip for the students to watch, and will give you a print out of student results.


Quizlet's flashcards, tests, and study games make it fun to learn anything. Engage your students with free, powerful study tools that they love.


Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a set of Online Flashcards

Staff Picks


Using this resource you can edit PDFs. Go to the Web Store to download this app!


This app is a great one to have! Unfortunately it is only available for MAC, ipads, and Iphones, but it is FREE and terrific. You can annotate shapes, sketches, and pictures!

101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers

Dr. Reppert shared this resource 101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers with us. There are many great tools located here!

Google Tips and Tricks


Looking for news articles for current events? Check out Google News! You can customize the way you read the news!


Do you ever close a tab and wish you wouldn't have because you use it ALL the time? This is the solution for you! (Disclaimer: you must be in Chrome for this to work). Right click on the tab you want to save. Click on Pin Tab. This shrinks the pin and will move the pin to the left of your screen and eliminates the chance to close the tab. It will also give you more room for other tabs. Click here for more info:

Privacy and Sharing

  • Deleting shared items - if you delete the other collaborators will still have their copies (owners - goes to trash until you permanently delete it - others can make a copy of it while it is in trash, but once it is deleted its totally gone)

  • If you have a doc and have people “view only” - when you trash it others cannot make a copy when in trash.

  • To keep doc more secure, when sharing - go to advanced - check the boxes at the bottom (Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people AND Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers)

Google Scholar

  1. Use this Google search to get results from scholarly literature. This would be great for those who need resources for their grad classes as well as those who want to keep up with current trends. Don't forget to add Southern York County School District to your list to keep up with current district information.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click here to find keyboard shortcuts to help you complete work faster.