Document the history of an Event

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Monday May 2nd Advisory Task #1

Your project will take on a different course than the other five. Meet with Mrs. Martinez de la Torre and ask her about events that have existed at MJS for over 20 years. Ask her about the kindergarten nativity play. You will do this project with a partner to create one timeline or documentation. Each pair will choose a different event to document.

While the other groups are working on surveying and interviewing, you are not ready to do that. Your focus today is to narrow to one event to document. You will have to spend some time in the archives before you interview and/or survey students.

It might be fun in the future to survey a population about how much they know about the history of the event!

Mrs. Martinez de la Torre is going to let you handle some very special documents and pictures. Please take it very seriously and understand that this is a very special allowance. Not everyone gets to go through the MJS archives!

I am keeping the interview and survey references below for when you need them in the future! Have fun! This would definitely be the project I would pick! :) (Mrs. W.)

By the end of advisory, you should have picked and event to focus on.

Sample Formal Email:

Dear Students,

I am writing this information to you in proper email format. Did you notice how I started with a salutation, followed by a comma? Also, I never indent in an email. Formatting doesn’t always transfer. It is best to keep paragraphs short and leave spaces between them. Also, if you are hoping to interview more than one person, please send each email separately.

Start by introducing yourself and describing your project in a sentence or two. End the paragraph with your call to action: you would like to interview the person some time in the next few days.

This paragraph should explain your availability. You are allowed to schedule a meeting time during a recess or lunch or an advisory. I would give them a few options. Emphasize that you are happy to come to their office or classroom for the meeting.

End with a thank you and explain how you are looking forward to hearing from them. Leave extra space, as that was your ending salutation.

Your name

7th grade Student

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