Wanted : President

by Madeleine Denner


To fulfill this role you need to be :

-35 years old

-native born in the US

-you must have been living in the US for atleast 14 years

Roles of the President

Chief of Executive - executive order

Chief of Diplomat - executive agreement

Commander-in-Chief - in charge of all arm forces

Legislative Leader - final say

Head of State - ceremonial role

Economic Leader - plans the federal budget every year and deals with several economic issues

Party Leader - selects part's national chairs person

Duties of the President

The president is allowed to :

-veto laws

-propose laws

-negotiates foreign treaties

-makes appointments

-appoints federal judges


The President makes about $400,000 a year. He/she also gets extra money for any travel expenses/ wardrobe needs. He/she also is allowed the use of Camp Davis, cars, chefs, maids, and helicopters.
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