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ICANN is a local and nationwide moving company with competitive prices, friendly services, and a worry free experience. With over 10 years of professional moving and packing experience, ICANN knows how important it is to you knowing that you have chosen the best moving company for you and your family. Call today for a free quote


Moving Tips

  • Have all Pre Packed Boxes Taped and Stacked To Main Entrance
  • Leave Clothing in Dressors; they will be Shrink Wrapped Shut
  • Ensure all Loose Items are Packed
  • Unplug All electronics and Small Appliances
  • Have Someone at the Destination to Advise Movers Where to Place Belongings
  • Give Exact Address for a More Accurate Quote

You do not have to do anything of these things to use our services. They are just friendly tips to help save time and money. We look forward to working for you. Thanks for choosing ICANN Moving Co.