Solar Energy

Have you wondered how the sun makes energy?

How the sun makes energy.

I selected this topic because it is the center of our solar system and it keeps us alive. The process of making energy is called nuclear fusion. the sun makes energy by the huge amount of hydrogen in the sun's core these atoms stick together and fuse into a helium atom wich generatse all the energy in the world{and it charges my ipad}. the most interesting thing I've learned about solar energy is that the sun keeps us alive.

The helping star

The sun helps the plants by making sugar food .The plants trap the energy in the leaves and mix it with gas from the air the water and the soil this process is called photocynthesis. The sun helps us bymaking the plants healthy so we can eat them and and sell them at a store. :) In conclusion the sun is the life of the solar system


Author: Kristine Asselin

Publisher:Capstone press

Adress of publication:151Good counil drive

Title of book: Our Sun

Year of pulication:2011