The Ririe Report



Hi Parents, as you may or may not know, I just had hip replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, I arranged for a good sub and left plans for students to continue working on fraction skills so they would not fall behind.

I got to visit my classroom this week and was able to get an update from my sub. I have been busy keeping up with emails and zoom meetings (it never ends for us teachers) and plan to be back in my classroom next week. I will use a walker and take every precaution to keep myself safe. I am really looking forward to being back in my classroom.

This Week...

Math: Some students are still struggling with simplifying (reducing) fractions, not because it is hard, but because it takes some effort, so we are going to continue to work on that. We will also be reviewing all the fraction skills we've covered so far

  • adding/subtracting with unlike denominators
  • simplifying
  • dividing
  • multipliying
  • solving word problems

Science: Finish the unit on weather and climate. Students were given an assignment on google classroom to do in class this past week and they will also be allowed to work on it at home.


Please take a minute to read the e-mail from about signing up for the Boosterthon. Help your child collect pledges for our class. Our school goal is $12,000 and it would go towards more technology in our classroom. I have 10 working chromebooks in my classroom right now, and have even had to purchase my own chargers and mouse, so it would be nice for my students to have a few more chromebooks.

Here's the link for you to register your child

Report Cards

The district will post report cards on HAC on 1/7/22. During the next few weeks, I would like to set up a conference with parents who's students are still failing math.

Get Ready For Some Cuteness Overload!