Visible Light

Rhiannon Pearson

Four Uses for Visible Light:

  1. Dispersion; it allows people to see what stars are made out of by looking at the mixture of wavelengths in the light.
  2. Vision.
  3. Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT)
  4. Photosynthesis.
Tour of the EMS 05 - Visible Light Waves

Visible Light Technology


What is it?
  • Li-F is wireless internet access using light; in many ways, it's more efficient than Wi-Fi.

What Materials Are Used?

  • The items that create Li-Fi are LED light bulbs and a chip that is attached.

What Is the Impact?

  • Li-Fi offers higher speeds than WiFi, and it’s more secure because it cannot be intercepted without a clear line of sight. Radio Waves don’t interfere with it, and Li-Fi doesn’t create interference with more sensitive types of technology, so it’s better for certain workplaces. Li-Fi prevents Piggybacking and interference with neighbor’s internet access. Out of everything, the main thing people applaud Li-Fi for is the secure internet access.


  • Scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics originally discovered Li-Fi on October 18, 2013.
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