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Red Ribbon Week at MVMS Oct 23-27

Red Ribbon Week is a national program to promote alcohol, drug and tobacco prevention awareness. Here at MVMS students pledge to be drug/alcohol free. Red ribbons were handed out to students and a door decorating contest with the theme of being drug free was held. Each day of the week featured a way for students and staff to support Red Ribbon Week:

Monday: Go red day - wearing as much red as possible to support awareness

Tuesday: Neon - "I’m too bright for drugs"

Wednesday: Team up against drugs - team shirts

Thursday: Sock it to drugs - silly socks

Friday: Be a "Jeanious" be drug free - wear jeans

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College and Career

It is never too early to start thinking about the future! NH College is a great resource for middle school students and families to start exploring college and career. On this website students can visit the career corner where they can do different activities to explore a variety of careers. Students and parents can also start looking at what to do to start preparing for college. Visit to see all the great resources they offer.
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In the Classroom

In October:

Students in 6th grade began to look at resolving conflict creatively with a lesson on understanding another person’s point of view through the use of fairy tales. Students analyzed the story of Little Red Riding Hood from the point of view of Red Riding Hood and another story written from the point of view of the Wolf. Through discussion and role playing, students practiced taking the perspective of another person and were able to see the value of trying to take the perspective of another person in a situation. They also learned how perspective could help in resolving a conflict.

In 6th grade Health Class this trimester (October & November) students have been discussing the importance of personal hygiene as well as how that can relate to germs and disease. They also are talking about being accepting of the differences in people’s personal appearance. Self Esteem is another topic that students spend time learning about. Through activities and discussion they are able to identify who influences their self esteem (peers, coaches, parents, teachers, etc) and ways to improve their self esteem; ways such as being around positive influences/positive people, engaging in activities they enjoy.

7th grade students in Family and Consumer Science participated in lessons on growing up and different stressors that can effect their lives. They also participated in discussion and hands-on activities around the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Other lessons that students participated in were around the topics of family and friend relationships, coping skills and bullying.

In November/December:

All 7th and 8th grade students will be participating in a lesson on Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-being. This is a follow up to the 5 Signs of Emotional Suffering lesson that all students at the middle school participated in last year. These lessons are based upon a national campaign called Change Direction. This initiative is designed to change the culture of mental health in America. Please visit their website for more information regarding this campaign.

About Us

Student Services Staff:

6th Grade Counselor: Diana Zeller

7th Grade Counselor: Lori Brodeur

8th Grade Counselor: Ray Carpenter

Student Assistance Program (SAP) Counselor: Amanda Senecal

Student Services Administrative Assistant: Amy Durrell