2022 Volume I, Issue 2, September

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Accelerating Learning 2022-2023

We’ve all heard reports in the news about mitigating learning loss, so I am dedicating this Superintendent’s Update to Catoosa County Public Schools strategies for accelerating learning.


Research indicates that a child’s ability to read at grade level by third grade is the most significant predictor of future success because students should transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

CCPS invested in LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) professional learning to provide elementary school teachers, academic coaches, and administrators with deep knowledge to be literacy and language experts in the science of reading. Through LETRS® training, teachers develop the skills they need to master teaching the five essential components of literacy, plus writing, spelling, and oral language. Teachers also learn how to implement instructional routines and activities to differentiate instruction to meet the literacy needs of all students in the classroom.

Teachers and academic coaches assess students on a regular basis to understand each student’s strengths and challenges. This allows educators to target instruction with the goal of accelerating learning and ensuring students are reading on grade level.

PLC Process

Catoosa County Public Schools began the PLC process in 2017. The term “PLC” stands for Professional Learning Community. As a Model PLC district, we are focused on working collaboratively to ensure that every child is successful, supported, and engaged. Our teachers, academic coaches, staff, and administrators work diligently to identify gaps in student learning, to plan academic interventions, and to be intentional about forming strong connections between students and adults in the school.

  • Tier 1 Core Program - The purpose of Tier 1 is to provide all students access to the essential grade‐level curriculum and effective initial instruction.

  • Tier 2 Supplemental Intervention - Throughout a unit of study, some students need additional time and support to master their essential grade‐level curriculum. This support is focused on very specific essential standards and learning targets. Placement into Tier 2 interventions must be timely, targeted, flexible, and fluid.

  • Tier 3 Intensive Intervention - For students who are 2-grade levels behind in math and/or reading, intensive interventions are provided by teachers who are highly trained in the area where students have a learning deficit.

High schools have recently added data walls to individually monitor students’ academic achievements and to keep every student on track to graduate. Each week teachers, administrators, academic coaches, counselors, and graduation coaches meet to review student progress and adjust the data wall accordingly. This is a “real-time” picture of every student in the school. This process ensures that gaps are identified and remediated quickly to accelerate learning and increase student success.

Elementary and middle schools have a similar process through ASIT (Academic student intervention team) and BSIT (Behavior student intervention team). These teams of educational experts meet regularly to review individual student data and identify students who may need additional time and support to master the content.

Partnering with Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians are a child’s first and best teachers and it is critical for student success that we partner together!

Elementary School FAST (Family and School Team) nights are held 3 times a year. These nights focus on providing families a clear picture of their child’s progress, how to understand data the school sends home, and strategies families can provide at home to accelerate student learning.

CCPS also provides access to Infinite Campus Parent Portal for all guardians to help families remain up to date on student progress. If you need assistance accessing this important resource, please contact your school principal. Regular communication through weekly newsletters, progress reports, and SchoolCast messages also help parents to stay informed and to ensure our critical partnership with parents is strong.

Additional support provided by ESSER funds (Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Funds)

  • Reading specialists in every school

  • Summer academic camps

  • Summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Camps

  • New technology for students, teachers, and classrooms

Catoosa County Public School’s value promise to the community is Every Child, Every Day, Without Exception. I hope this information encourages you that we are taking this promise seriously. We are intentionally and consistently identifying each child’s level of learning, monitoring their progress, providing additional support and interventions, and helping them to form critical connections with other students and adult mentors in our schools. Providing each and every child with an environment where they are healthy, safe, supported, engaged, and making significant academic progress to accelerate learning is our daily mission. We cannot accomplish this alone though, and we thank YOU for your support and partnership as we work together to ensure that every child is successful!

Classroom Makeover Opportunity

K-12 Solutions Group and Infinite Campus want to give one deserving teacher a complete classroom makeover! Click the link button to nominate that one special teacher in your life!

An Important Message From the CCPS Child Nutrition Department

Free and Reduced Price Meals Statement

The USDA implemented valuable waivers for school systems across the country in the fall of 2020. These waivers allowed students to eat school meals every day, at no cost. Thanks to these timely waivers, school systems were able to ensure students of all ages were able to maintain nutrition during the pandemic. In addition, the waivers allowed school systems to receive valuable reimbursements to offset rising food costs experienced within the last two years. The free meal allowances have been extremely helpful to families and school systems alike.

These unprecedented waivers will expire on June 30th. As waivers expire, many students and their families may be surprised to learn this valuable meal resource will end. This means students and their families will once again be charged for school meals for the 2022-2023 school year.

As in years prior to the pandemic, families may apply for free or reduced price meals, based on eligibility. Interested families may apply starting on July 1. Many local systems, including Bradley, Catoosa, Hamilton, Walker and Whitfield counties are trying to get the word out to students and their families. If a family feels they would qualify for free or reduced priced meals they may apply at, starting on July 1, 2022 for the upcoming school year.

Catoosa County Schools Nutrition Department

Please click here to watch a video tutorial about how to apply for meals

Apply for Free or Reduced Meals

Use this link to apply for free or reduced meals for the 2022-2023 school year

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CCPS is Now Hiring Bus Drivers

Catoosa County Public Schools is now hiring school bus drivers. We offer a 20 hour work week, competitive pay, and great benefits! Please click here to apply today.

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