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FROM THE OFFICE OF STEPHANIE HUBBARD: Advance Notice of Pending Changes

Hi Panthers,

I hope that this newsletter finds you well. A lot of Wisconsinites have had personal experiences with COVID over the last couple of months. For those of us who have been luckiest, following the rules of quarantining and trying to help stop the spread has been inconvenient, but not devastating. For others, worlds have been permanently changed unimaginably. This is why we must remain vigilant in our efforts.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as of November 1st, we have had a total of 2,047 deaths from COVID-19 and over 228,863 positive cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin. It seems to be getting closer to home each day. I maintain that Iowa-Grant School District has been very fortunate, but we haven’t been immune to many disturbances caused by the virus. To date, we have had a total of 4 students and 3 educators test positive for COVID-19. Additionally, we have had countless close calls, close contacts, and individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

I believe our fortune comes by way of our awesome staff, parents, substitutes, students, community members, principals, and Nurse Sharon. Thank you for all of those who are keeping kids home when they are a close contact or when someone in the family has symptoms or the virus. Thank you for working with us to allow time needed to plan, teach, and connect with our virtual students while maintaining our in person quality of instruction. Thank you to the teachers for embracing huge learning curves and teaching outside of their comfort zones in ways we never imagined. We are truly all in this together. Thank you for being our partners and helping IG thrive.

Please stand with me in the District’s advocacy for education. Teachers are doing their part, but the biggest challenge seems to be the elusive students who are sometimes virtual, sometimes in person, and often neither. In order for IGSD to offer virtual opportunities, we really need parental support. Students with clearly defined expectations on the homefront are much more likely to have success. This is especially true when the student is virtual and teachers are less able to use the power of student-teacher relationships to help encourage desired behaviors. The IGSD leadership team passionately expressed worry for some of our students. Teachers explained all of their efforts to help and the resistance they have received. The saddest part of these stories is the long term impact of the decisions that some students and families are making. Bad habits are hard to break, grade level material that is missed will create future challenges to learning, and gaps will only get bigger unless someone recognizes the problem and helps us to re-engage the wayward student.

Looking forward, I am very concerned about our return to IGSD after Thanksgiving. The pattern that I have observed is that a couple of days after people congregate, someone gets identified as COVID-19 positive and close contacts are made aware. In a proactive measure, IGSD will not have in person classes, but rather ask everybody to attend virtually the week following Thanksgiving (November 30th-December 4th.) Please strive to follow safer at home practices during this week so that we can return to in person instruction for non-quarantined staff and students on December 7th.

Please also mark your calendars for a community panel event. The virtual event’s theme will have to do Calming the Chaos of COVID-19. Iowa County Superintendents (Barneveld, Dodgeville, Mineral Point, and Iowa-Grant) are collaborating on this event. Community members will be welcome. Dr. Kent Kramer, Dr. Joni Downs, and others will share medical, mental health, and educational information regarding COVID-19. Please send me questions which you would like for one of the panelist to address. My email address is The event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th from 6:00-7:30.

Stay well,

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent IGSD

State Cross Country: Nick C

The results are in and congratulations are in order!

Nick C. has placed 3rd in the Division 3 State Championship race on Saturday, October 31st in West Salem! Nick covered the 5,000 meter course in 16:22. This is the best State finish for an Iowa-Grant individual in team history! This caps an amazing cross country career for Nick that consists of two SWAL titles and four straight State meet appearances.

Thank you to the Montfort, Cobb, Livingston and Rewey. Fire Department on bringing Nick back home to Iowa-Grant High. Good job CC team on support for Nick, during this special time.

Virtual Learning Clarifications

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We want to address an issue we are having with some students regarding virtual learning. The problem lies with the reason the student is a virtual learner. There are reasons when a student should be at home and learning virtually. Those reasons are related to COVID.

Reasons for a student to learn virtually:

1. Your child has multiple COVID symptoms or a member of the household has symptoms.

2. Your child and/or members of his/her household have symptoms and are being tested and are awaiting results.

3. Your child is required to be quarantined due to being a direct contact of a positive case.

4. You, as parents, selected to have your child learn virtually for the quarter/semester/year.

Students should NOT learn virtually if:

1. Your child is tired and does not want to go to school.

2. Your child has one symptom.

3. Your child has an appointment and does not want to return to school for the remainder of the day.

4. Your child is feeling ill, but it is not related to COVID.

5. Your child wants to see what learning virtually is like.

6. Your child doesn’t want to attend school on Friday because it is a shortened day.

We need to stress that staying home and learning virtually can not be used because it is convenient for your child without it being related to COVID. If your child is sick, please understand it is okay to miss one or two instruction days. They will be given the time to make up those assignments.

Thank you,

Robyn Oberfoell

Chris Gotto

Jodi Bast

VETERANS DAY - November 11th

The Iowa-Grant School District will NOT be able to host our Annual Veterans Day Program on campus this November. This is a community event that we are saddened to have to forego this year, and hope to continue this tradition with you all in the future.

A special note to ALL Veterans of our Communities: Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for the example you set for us all. In short, thank you for your service!

Help wanted

Substitute teachers always needed! Apply at: or call Cathy for more information: 608-943-6311 ext 3014
Substitute assistants always needed! Apply at: or call Cathy for more information: 608-943-6311 ext 3014
Substitute Custodians. Apply at: or call Cathy for more information: 608-943-6311 ext 3014
8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach. Apply at: or call Cathy for more information: 608-943-6311 ext 3014
7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach. Apply at: or call Cathy for more information: 608-943-6311 ext 3014
Regular and Substitute Bus Drivers. Apply at: or call WARCO.
Some helpful basics on email since we are relying more on email and virtual connections.

Iowa-Grant Home Events Streamed for FREE

All Iowa-Grant Home Events this year in High School Gym, South IGEMS Gym, and coming soon..the Crull Memorial Football Field will be live streamed for FREE on the NFHS Network.

All you have to do...go to www.

1. Create a login account.

2. After you login, Type in “Iowa-Grant” in the top search bar.

3. Upcoming events and times will be displayed.

4. Choose the event you’d like to watch.

It is for free for Iowa-Grant live streamed events and to view archived I-G events from Sept.19th, 2020 and on.

It is just that simple! Enjoy watching Iowa-Grant events safely from your home. Go Panthers!!!

November Breakfast and Lunch Menu

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Good News!

Free meals for students have been extended until the end of the 20-21 school year. Some key points to keep in mind: All children in the Iowa-Grant School District can receive free meals. Milk for sack lunches costs 30 cents.

At the beginning of the second semester, milk break fees are due for EC through 4th grade. The cost is $22.00 per student per semester. Please consider filling out a free or reduced meal application, (The forms are available on the Iowa-Grant website.) For those families who qualify for free or reduced meals there will be no charge for one half pint of milk daily for milk break.

We can provide meals to students any time the district goes virtual. We offer a pick up twice a week Pick up times are Monday from 2-2:30pm and Thursday from 2-2:30pm. You will receive 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches for each student at each pick up. Pick ups will be at the IGEMS main entrance for all students. If interested, please sign up here.

If you have any questions, please contact or call 608-943-6311 ext.3013

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Barb Hugill

Iowa-Grant food Service

November 9th Blood Drive at Montfort Fire Station

The American Red Cross Blood Drive will be on November 9th at the Montfort Fire Station from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Iowa-Grant High School

IGHS Calendar of Events

11/2 - 5:30 PM Football: JV vs Pecatonica (Away)

11/5 - TBD Volleyball: Varsity State Tournament vs TBD

11/6 - TBD Volleyball: Varsity State Tournament vs TBD

11/6 - 7:00 PM Football: Varsity vs Boscobel (Away)

11/7 - TBD Volleyball: Varsity State Tournament vs TBD

11/13 - TBD Football: Varsity Sectional vs TBD

11/17 - 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs Pecatonica (Away)

11/17 - 7:15 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Pecatonica (Away)

11/21 - 10:00 AM Basketball: Girls JV Scrimmage vs Multiple Schools (Home)

11/21 - 10:00 AM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Multiple Schools (Home)

11/23 - No School

11/24 - No School

11/25 - No School

11/26 - No School

11/27 - No School

11/28 - 4:15 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity Scrimmage vs Multiple Schools @ North Crawford

11/28 - 4:15 PM Basketball: Boys JV Scrimmage vs Multiple Schools @ North Crawford

11/30 - 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV Game vs Ithaca (Home)

11/30- 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity Game vs Ithaca (Home)


The Iowa-Grant Music Department will NOT be having our Annual Pasty Sale this Fall. (We are sorry to disappoint anyone who has been waiting for this.) We thank all of your support in the past, and do hope to continue this tradition with you in the future.

Future Homecoming Plans

Parents/Guardians and community members,

I feel that Homecoming has somehow lost its meaning of late and due to the recent negative events of this past Homecoming week here at Iowa-Grant a true reflection is needed moving forward. For some students, Homecoming has moved from a time to show school spirit and having fun with friends to an over the top ordeal that is causing community members, staff, and other students a great deal of stress and anger. Unfortunately, the time of just toilet papering is long gone. The administration will be working with the Student Council and the Homecoming committee to find a way to return Homecoming to its appropriate form. I apologize if you were negatively affected by the events of Homecoming week and promise we as a High School building will do better moving forward.


Chris Gotto, High School Principal

I-G Ag Department Chicken Coop Update

The Iowa-Grant FFA Chapter and Ag Department are so close to reaching their goal needed for the addition of a 12' x 12' chicken coop near the greenhouse.

Special thank you to our current donors:

Sloan Implement Company, LLC
Liddicoat Trucking
Premier Co-op
Ivey Construction
Community First Bank
Allegiant Oil, LLC
Badger Welding Supplies Inc.
Ross Soil Service
Victoria Fritsch
Livingston Co-op Oil Company
Iowa County Farm Bureau
Montfort Veterinary Service, Inc.
Clare Bank
Pilling Electric Service, LLC
Biddick, Inc.
Trailside Powersports, LLC
Aspen Ridge Home and Garden, LLC
Dave and Carol Rundell
Michael and Erika Kelley
John and Jean Slack
In memory of Dr. Jack Jinkins
Royal Bank
Greg, Denée, Grace, and Avah Clark
Pat and Dawn Miess
Ritchie Implement, Inc.
Bob and Paula Daentl

In Memory of Mother Larsen Chickens

Fillback Family of Dealerships

Mississippi Valley Lodge #86 Independent Order of Odd Fellows

If you or someone you know would like to donate to this project, please reach out to Mrs. Hammerly at for more information.

National FFA Convention

During a traditional school year, the Iowa-Grant FFA would travel the last week of October to the National FFA Convention held in Indianapolis, IN. Due to COVID-19, the National FFA Organization canceled the in-person convention back in July and has worked hard planning the convention virtually. Since it was held virtually, 60 I-G FFA members and agricultural students got to attend the conference and learn more about Agriculture and FFA! Students explored agricultural careers and colleges, attended workshops and general sessions, and got to network with FFA members from across the nation! What a great experience for our students!

FFA Fall Fruit Sale Fundraiser Update

The I-G FFA has decided to take the year off for the Annual FFA Fall Fruit Sale for several reasons.

  1. With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the growing cases in our area, we did not want to order fruit and have to try and figure out how to deliver it all in December if the school was closed for any reason. The fruit is very perishable and it would be hard to deliver to our large, spread out district.
  2. The prices of the fruit also raised dramatically this year because of COVID-19.
  3. With all FFA events being canceled or held virtually, we are not in need of as much funding this school year for registration and travel costs to and from events.
We do plan on selling fruit in 2021. If you are interested in still ordering, there are a few FFA chapters in the area still having their sales and Mrs. Hammerly would be more than willing to set you up with contacts. Please email her at if interested.

Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School

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From the Office of Mrs. Jodi Bast

Dear Panther Families,

As both the Library Media Specialist and Early Learning Principal at IGEMS, I’d like to share an informative and helpful website with you. Although it has been around since 2003, it’s been my experience that many parents are unfamiliar with Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media is an independent, non-profit, research-backed organization providing recommendations and reviews for: movies, TV shows, books, apps, websites, and video games. The reviews can be filtered by the following age bands: 2-4, 5-7, 8-9, 10-12, and 13+. A relatively new addition to their website is “Distance Learning” which features: Cornoavirus Support, Free Weekly Webinars, Resources in Spanish, and Wide Open School. Wide Open School provides a daily learning plan (organized by grade band) with learning activities to support and supplement your child’s virtual learning. With their amazing partners (Go Noodle, Kahoot, 4H, Newsela, Time for Kids, Sesame Workshop, and 70 more!) there is sure to be something interesting to your child and applicable to your family’s situation. Be sure to check this out!

The mission of the Common Sense Media organization is to ensure digital well-being for kids everywhere. When your child’s class visits the school library, one of the important skills the children will learn is how to be a good digital citizen. The Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum is the main curriculum I use with the students for this purpose. Feel free to take a look at it and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for being our partner in your child’s education. Working together we can accomplish so much more!

Jodi Bast

Annual Iowa-Grant Toy Drive!

Celebrate the season of giving by sharing your new or gently used toys (please no stuffed animals!) and books with the families of the Iowa-Grant School District! If your child has outgrown a toy or that toy they had to have last year has been sitting on the shelf for the last 6 months, now is the time to send it to a new home where it can be loved by another child! Toys and books will be collected from now until December 1st. New this year we will also be accepting monetary donations to fill wish lists for our families. If you are interested in sending in a monetary donation please send it to the school to the attention of Darcy Breuer.

Any toys and books collected will be made available to families in the district who struggle financially to provide for their families during the holiday season.

Due to covid we will not have a toy distribution night but families can email Darcy Breuer at to sign up your family. Please include the following things in the email: your name and the best way to contact you, child(ren)’s age and gender, and a wish list of 2-3 items for each child.

Staff members will make up a “Santa sack” for your family and you will be notified when your sack is ready to pick up at the school.

If you have any questions please contact Darcy Breuer at

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us bring the Christmas spirit to our community!

1st Grade Christmas Store Update

It is with great regret to inform everyone that the First Grade Christmas Store will not open this year. It is our wish that people will hold onto their treasures and send them into the school next year. We already have quite a bit in storage. It would be difficult to take on more donations at this time without opening the store. We want everyone to know how much we have truly appreciated all the help and donations over the years. Although we are genuinely saddened by the closure of the store for this year, we are already looking forward to next year! At this time our main concern is to keep everyone safe and healthy. With the uncertain times there is one thing we know~ IGEMS is a great place to be!

Child Development Screening for Children 2.5 - 4 years old

The Iowa-Grant School District will be offering developmental screenings to children in our district who are between the ages of 2 ½ and 4 who are not currently enrolled in school. This screening will look at fine motor skills, speech and language development, and preschool readiness skills. Screenings will be held in the Early Childhood classroom the 3nd Friday of every month. The first screening date will be Friday, November 20th. If you are interested in signing your child up for a screening please call the Iowa-Grant office at 943-6313. Please let the office know if you have concerns about your child’s development when you call to set up the screening. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Panther Packs

We would like to thank our generous donors for helping us get the Panther Packs program back up and running! We are helping several families this year thanks to your generosity. As we continue to send food out each week we will need donations of fruit cups, rice a roni cups, chef Boyardee cups, mac and cheese cups, and easy snacks to restock our shelves. Thank you for helping us make a difference for the families in our community!

"We Are All In This Together"

Fourth grade made "stained glass" seasonal window decorations to help brighten the day of local care center residents. It was a mindful, enjoyable craft to create. We hope the elderly enjoy our projects and know we are thinking of them.
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Need to refresh your child’s home library? You’ll find fantastic new books at our VIRTUAL Book Fair. Shop online November 11-24, 2020. More details to follow.
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Reading Counts Millionaires

We recognize our first two reading millionaires of the 20-21 school year, Bret C. and Owen M. Job well done gentleman, keep on reading!

About Iowa-Grant School District

Our Mission is to work in partnership with the community to empower all student to reach their full potential as responsible individuals who strive for life-long learning to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society.