Ecentria News Update

Talia Rodrigez has found multiple Different in area


Just hours ago, Talia Rodrigez, 20, has just announced Civilians and towns people should remain calm. "Remain calm, the guards have everything under control. Remain in your homes, further notice may not come announced till dawn." Says Talia Rodrigez, age of 20. Titanium Guards have clarified that there are, not one, but two Different among us. "One of them used to work for me... She left at suppertime. I thought she left to go chase the pretty lights.. I was wrong. They were eyes of Different." Says Marilyn Burges. "Titanium Guards are guarding the village... Any sight of Different, CONTACT AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY." Announced Talia Rodrigez. Reports are coming still from around the homes at the edge of town. Reports as such saying mystical, glowing pairs of lights. Multiple complaints, there are, but we are protected, and safe. continued, DIFFERENT AMONG US, p5



Yes folks, this may seem frightening, but yes. Talia has received multiple threats from Different. Last Saturday, MINES were placed around the F.Q.H. These mines have been studied, and carefully observated. They do have hope in months time they will die out. However, this prohibits any moving object going over 15mph to cross. Secondly, there has been a battle going on, and us civilians predict that Talia will, take these Different on the road to heaven. "I have nothing to say in this, so called battle. However, all Civilians stay calm, for I have this under control, and will protect you from all harm. I would suggest to carry a pistol, in case you have a- ah... meeting. But, the Guards and I, are working all day... I will provide a Kretkint for each of you, they will help in these hard times, but, it is only two..." Says Talia Rodríguez.


Folks, I'm sorry to say, but a Different invaded the capitol, saying "TALIA'S DIFFERENT!" But, she, did flee. Well, in these times, we could believe anything. I, or the press will not say anything more about this. I do not believe this, but, she has been loyal to us, and treated us with safety. Ice, is appearing randomly at the F.Q.H. Laughter everywhere. This is getting out of control. But, Talia has protected us, and has told us the truth. I am not convinced she is Different, but, what can we believe? Who can we trust? Carry on with life, before it ends due to Different... But, there will be a new hope, a shining light...


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