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Christmas | All About the Holidays

Christmas | All About the Holidays. Christmas Day isn't just a holiday for Christians. Learn about the various traditions that people hold to celebrate it. Then have yourself a merry little Christmas!

PBS LearningMedia. 2-6.

Christmas Vocabulary Word Search | All About the Holidays

Christmas Vocabulary Word Search | All About the Holidays. Learn the vocabulary of Christmas with this fun word search from All About the Holidays.

PBS LearningMedia. 2-6.

Twelve Days of Fitness

Twelve Days of Fitness. This holiday themed fitness activity gets students up and moving while singing along to a traditional Christmas song. In this activity, students listen as their teacher sings the 12 days of fitness to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. As different exercises are said in the song, the students will perform them. Just like in the song, students will complete each exercise every verse. This lesson focuses on psychomotor and cognitive skills.

PBS LearningMedia. K-5.

Fixing Santa's Toy-Making Machine | Peg + Cat

Fixing Santa's Toy-Making Machine | Peg + Cat. Peg and Cat work together sorting, organizing and use a diagram to fix Santa's toy-making machine one step at a time and make sure everything is in the right place.

PBS LearningMedia. PreK-2.

The Night Before Christmas (1997)

The Night Before Christmas (1997). The story of Santa's visit on a snowy Christmas Eve is beautifully brought to life with exquisite illustrations and festive music. Narrated by Anthony Edwards.

Discovery Education. K-5.

Too Many Tamales

Too Many Tamales. Based on the classic children's book by Gary Soto. Everyone is coming for Christmas dinner at Maria's house. She and her mother prepare by kneading the "masa" to make tamales. When her mother takes off the ring, Maria tries it on - and is beside herself, when hours later, she thinks it has been kneaded into the tamales. How many can you eat? Part of the Weston Woods Series.

Discovery Education. K-2.

Story of the Nutcracker

Story of the Nutcracker. Students are introduced to this Christmas favorite. They watch the Christmas toy Nutcracker leap to life, the battle between the mouse army and the gingerbread soldiers, and the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Discovery Education. K-2.

Merry Christmas, Space Case

Merry Christmas, Space Case. Buddy McGee eagerly awaits a promised Christmas visit from his friend, the thing from outer space. This is the outrageous conclusion to James Marshall's SPACE CASE with all your favorite characters returning- to provide the most fun ever - not only at Christmastime, but throughout the entire year. Narrated by Christopher Lloyd. Part of the Weston Woods Series.

Discovery Education. K-2.