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Volume LIV Issue 5 April 2019

Central Students Visit the Planetarium

By Norah Cabal

On Thursday, March 28th, ten 7th graders attended a planetarium presentation in the Longo Planetarium at the Morris County Community College. The students were Norah Cabal, Grace Coslet, James Cicalese, Joe Cicalese, John Dec, Emily Eggers, Gavin Eggers, Brady Marshall, Blaze Perez, and Madison Thievon, and they were accompanied by Mrs. Barth. This interesting presentation was filled with analysis of the stars and planets we see on a daily basis. The astronomer explained how some stars we might see at night are actually planets. He also showed and explained the classic stars that we would be able to see on the night of March 29, 2019. Those stars were the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion, and more. He also explained how to find them. The way to find the Little Dipper was by finding the North Star, or the brightest star in the constellation. Then, once you found the Little Dipper, the Big dipper is right below it. The professor also explained the history behind each star, such as how Orion was a hunter and how the North Star was discovered thousands of years ago to direct sailors where to sail. All in all, the Longo Planetarium Consortium trip was an unforgettable experience.

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World Language Day

By Aadya Bharadwaj

On Thursday April 4th, seven students, from seventh and eighth grade, participated in the World Culture Day Consortium at Morristown Beard School. These students were selected by their language teachers, Mrs. Iorillo and Ms. Fesinstine, to participate in this event because of their curiosity and knowledge of world language. The students selected were Zachary Anderson, Aadya Bharadwaj, Riley Fullman, and Sophia Squizziato from seventh grade, and Ava Haddican, Isabella Rietze, and Elizabeth Vreeland, from eighth grade. Accompanied by Ms. Fesinstine, the students played International Family Feud, Latin matching games, learned Irish step dancing, and made pasta! Overall, these language students gained more knowledge of world culture, different languages, and had the opportunity to work with students from three other schools. The consortium was fun and informational, and students were able to learn, play, and have a great time!

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Long Hill Masterminds v. Harlem Wizards a Big Success

By Bailey Unchester

On Friday, March 15th, the famous Harlem Wizards basketball team came to town and played against our school district's faculty. The PTO sponsored this sold out event! Twenty-seven teachers and staff played for the Long Hill Master Minds. The all-star lineup included Ms. Altebrando, Mrs. Andreski, Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Backer, Mrs. Clark, Ms. Coster, Ms. Coulter, Mrs. D’Annunzio, Ms, DeMizio, Mrs. Felix, Ms. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Gillespie, Mrs. Gramaglia, Mr. Manto, Mrs. Milito, Mr. Nestler, Mrs. Omelio, Ms. Pierce, Mrs. Powers, Mr. Rideout, Mr. Salzer, Mrs. Sepe, Ms. Sinnot, Ms. Spinello, Ms. Tremarco, and Mr. Viturello.

Students and parents alike watched in awe as the Wizards and the Masterminds battled it out on the court. The crowded gymnasium was filled with laughs and cheers as the baskets were continuously scored.

The Mastermind Pep Sqaud led the cheering for our team. The Pep Squad included Ms. Alaan, Ms. Burd, Ms. Butler, Mrs. Cohen, Ms. Daleo, Mrs. Dobiszewski, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Fernandes, Ms. Franco, Ms. Liebler, Mrs. Mastrogiovanni, Mrs. Minerva, Mrs. Sharp, and Mr. Mott, who was honored at halftime for his years of service and upcoming retirement. This was a fun, entertaining evening for all! Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to welcome the Wizards back again in a few years for another great basketball game.

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STEM Trip to Aquarium

By Clara Ma

On Tuesday, March 12, twenty Central School eighth grade STEM students took a special field trip to the Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant, NJ. They were accompanied by 8th grade STEM teacher, Mrs. Barth, who organized the educational trip. The students were Alessandra A, Cailene B, Nicole C, Jimena C, Georgia F, Ethan G, Jessica G, Mossimo, Ainslie L, Matt L, Clara M, Kyle N, Ivan N, Aashish P, Diego P, Isabella R, Daniella R, Logan S, Isabella S, and Elizabeth V. At the aquarium, the students learned about the ocean, and specifically, the machines used to explore its vast unknown. After the workers presented, students moved on to the main task: to create their own operating and controllable machine. The students had to design their machine to protect three propellers using plastic tubes and noodle floats. They were able to test their machines’ abilities to rise up, move side to side, etc. in a pool-sized tub of salt water. After several trials, most groups were able to create successful machines. Following this STEAM project, students had the opportunity to explore Jenkinson’s Aquarium, play in the arcade, eat sweet fudge on the boardwalk, and enjoy the sunny day on the beach.

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Victorian Day

By Tommy Osmond

On February 28, 2019, seventh grade students of Central Middle School celebrated the 16th annual Victorian Day. This was an event where seventh-grade students and teachers could dress up in Victorian Era clothing and learn how it was to live back then. For example, they could dress as urchins, which were people who were poor and lived on the street and did not have fancy clothes. This wonderful event would not be possible without help from the PTO. Parents set up the 7th grade classrooms to be different stations to create a hands-on experience direct from the mid-1800s. The stations included Recreation where students could experience old parlor games that were played for fun, and a Jeopardy style game to teach students more about the Industrial Revolution. The day also included a station where students could play a game about social classes that was like “Deal or No Deal” and a Victorian classroom where students experienced what a Victorian Era teacher was like. At lunch time, students enjoyed a traditional Victorian Tea. There were different foods from that time including tea sandwiches, cucumbers, and strawberries. The students drank iced tea and water. For dessert they had traditional English scones, thumbprint cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and cupcakes. During the Tea, teachers put on a little skit where detective Sherlock Homes, played by Mr. Viturello, and his sidekick Dr. Watson, played by Mrs. Greco, question witnesses about a man played by Mr. Gillespie who was poisoned in the wheelchair .

The co-chairs of this event, Jeannine Feinstein and Tina Osmond, did a great job setting it up. Regarding the purpose of Victorian Day chairwoman Tina Osmond says, “It was wonderful to work together with the parents of the community to bring this Hands-On learning experience to our children. Throughout the year students have been learning about the Victorian Era and this day of activities brought it to life for them.”

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Forensics Competition

By Isabella Simoes

On Tuesday, February 26th, three students visited Morristown Beard to compete in an annual Forensics Consortium. Three eighth graders who participated were Cailene Barone, Daniella Russotti, and Isabella Simoes. They were mentored and chaperoned by Mrs. Stepanian. At the consortium, they were judged based on their ability to read a passage of a book of their choice aloud to a pair of judges. They had to be able to read their passage in a compelling way to make the judges believe that they were the narrator of the passage. Cailene Barone read an expert from the book Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson, Daniella Russotti read an excerpt from the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and Isabella Simoes read an excerpt from the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel. Although none of the girls placed in the finals, they tried their hardest in order to represent their school.

Spring Holidays of Passover and Easter

By Kevin Feinstein and David Youssef

Passover is one of the most important holidays of Judaism. It is a celebration of when the Hebrews living in Egypt escaped slavery from the Pharaoh and passed back into Israel. It is also the story where the Jews received the Ten Commandments. The Passover celebration is in truth a celebration of freedom. Although the story is of freedom from an ancient king long, long ago, the celebration of freedom for the Jewish people is something that can apply to many times in history when the Jews had to run from oppressors. For this reason, Passover is always a joyous holiday with a large dinner and celebrations from the family to communal level. The holiday will occur on the 19th of April and will be an important and happy occasion for Jews across the world.

Another very important religious holiday every Spring is Easter. Some might think of Easter as a holiday for chocolate eggs, but it is more than that. To Christians, Easter is the end of Lent and a celebration of when Jesus Christ was Resurrected. Christians believe Jesus forgives and saves us from our sins, which is one reason to celebrate this holiday. People might see this holiday as an Easter egg hunt, but Christians see it differently. This year, Easter is on Sunday, April 21. Happy Easter!


By Kevin Feinstein

The New Jersey Vex IQ State Robotics Competition was a large scale competition which took place on Sunday, March 3, at Central Middle School.The competition was organized by Ben Mitchell from the REC Foundation, along with Jeannine Feinstein, Ilija Hadzic, Preet Sandhu, and Marius Villemitus (our coach). After months of preparation, the competition ran smoothly. There were about 30 volunteers, which included team members from Watchung Hills Regional High School, alumni, from the LHT Force Robotics team, parents from our team, and even professionals from Nokia Bell Labs. All of the Long Hill Force Robotics Teams participated in the competition. In the Middle School category, MAK consisted of Michael O’Hara, Armaan Lerner, and Kevin Feinstein, as well as the ChatterBots, which consisted of Amiran Lerner, Collin Belfield, and Durga Shylesh. In the Elementary School category, The Three Hubskateers consisted of Jason Zeng, Tadas Villemitus, and Zed Shyers, as well as JJJellybeans, which consisted of Justin Zeng, Janna Han, and Juliette Laufer. Our own Principal, Mr.Viturello came to cheer the team on. After the competition, two LHT Teams made it to the World Competition. MAK and JJJellybeans are going to proudly represent Long Hill Township, as well as New Jersey, at the World Robotics competition. In addition, MAK won 2nd place in skills and won the design award for their robot. JJJellybeans won the Teamwork Challenge Award. The competition was sponsored by Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Natales. Hope to see you there next year!

Central Plays in Volleyball Consortium

By Madison Moran

On Friday, March 8, six Central Middle School students traveled to the Morris Plains Borough School to compete in the Volleyball Consortium. The group included eighth graders Anthony Autenrieth, Nicole Cicchetti, Martin Howell, and Madison Moran. Also a part of the group were seventh graders Zachary Anderson and Sofia Squizzato. Mrs. Felix chaperoned the trip. The six students arrived at the school and immediately began to play volleyball, splitting up into two large groups to have a practice match. Then, once every school’s group had arrived, the players split up into six teams to compete in a tournament. The matches were close, and very tense at times, but in the end, Zachary's and Sofia’s team came out on top, with Nicole’s team in second and Martin’s in third. Anthony's and Madison’s teams came in fifth and sixth, respectively. Although not every member of the consortium was able to place, they all had a wonderful time competing.

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