Water helps hair grow

There have been recent discoveries that water helps with hair growth. The demand for purified water in local stores is going to increase dramatically, and the demand for other beverages is going to go down.

The Price of Beef is Skyrocketing

Due to recent drought, cattle farmers have had to cut down on the size of their herds. This has caused for a decrease in beef production, and an increase in beef prices. However, the demand for pork in stores will rise because its price has remained consistent.

San Francisco Residents Sue

Many families in one part of San Francisco became ill due to a bacteria in the city water. Investigators find that the water carried the bacteria and was the reason for their illness. These families are going to sue the city, and their income will soon increase. With a rise in income, their demand for expensive clothing will rise as well.

People Flood Houston

In recent years, the population of Houston has grown about 1 million people. With this increase in population, the demand for housing has increased rapidly as well. Builders and realators are needed desperately.

Local HEB Announces Drop In Milk Prices Next Week

In the upcoming weeks, H.E.B is going to be dropping their prices for Dairy products, specifically milk by almost $.50. Consumers are going to be purchasing these products more in the following weeks. The demand for milk currently is going to decrease.