The Truth Behind Processed Food

by Chad K. P-5

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This brown, textureless Big Mac "beef" contains Ammonia, steroid-induced cow meat, and whole muscle. Bon appetite. As you can see a Big Mac is extremely unhealthy. Processed foods contains many unhealthy and life-threatining ingredients.

So how did processed food start? Back in 1941 the creators of M&Ms, well, created M&Ms for solders so they can eat candy without getting sticky hands. In 1943 the government added regulations to adding nutrients to grain products. In 1945 Maxwell invented instant coffee for solders. Same year butter companies can now pack 7,000 pounds of butter in under 2hrs.

How did it become so popular? Well with M&Ms and instant coffee, it didn't seem bad. Candy was already unhealthy and coffee was still coffee, it slowly grew and grew. Now burgers and all that are unhealthy because they add chemicals. Back then it was a good idea, now its just normal.

Does procesed food even have any food? Sometimes. There may be beef in burgers but not just beef in the meat. Or it may just be chemicals. You may never now

Where does processed food come from? Meat will always have some meat, but not always. There will be chemicals added to increase taste, last longer, so on and so forth. In all, the meat is just fatining all around. So to answer the question, a factory.

Where does Mcdonalds food come from? This question will last a couple paragraphs, so here we go.

Let's start with their Big Mac beef. In the introduction there was Ammonia, steroid-induced cow meat, and whole muscle. But they said it was 100% beef in an interview. Well that must have been a lie, right? Well the ammonia is actually the rumored pink slime and was taken out in 2011, and the muscle is still there, so they did lie.

Now their french fries. First, they start with pure whole potatoes, slice 'em, and partially fry 'em. Then they take out natural ingredients, for some reason, and re-fry 'em. Finally, they add dextrose solution for a nice coat add salt. A LOT of salt.

Their McNuggets contain an anti-foaming agent to prevent cooking oil from splattering and foaming in their restaurants. Also, chicken breast meat and fat.

Now to something different, would real food be better? I'd say yes for health reasons. Most processed food you'd eat contains some organic food but is not all food. Such as ammonia, dextrose solution, and anti-foaming agent solution to name a few.

But processed food can be good for you. It could just be slicing, pre-cooking, culturing(?), or blending to name a few un-unhealthy ways. Examples of healthy processed foods are any V8s, pistachios, and sweet tea to name a few. Even though those were mostly drinks.

But again processed food is mostly unhealthy, and organic food is healthier. Whole foods are nutrient packed with low sugar and fat with loads of nutrients, while processed foods are sugar and fat packed with little to no nutrients with loads of calories.

What makes processed food unhealthy? First of all, they're fating. DUUUH!!!! Second of all, they're designed to make people over eat. Take Doritos for example. You can't JUST have JUST one, it's practically impossible. Potato chips mainly contain sugar, fat, salt, and dopamine for the main feel good ingredient.

Dopamine makes potato chips irresistible. That's why I'm using Doritos for my example. I kept eating and eating and eating and eating them until I realized I should stop. Now I'm fat.

Man, processed food just doesn't feel like a good idea any more. They contain fating ingredients like dopamine, salt, fat, and sugar. So think about that next time you order a Big Mac.


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