Theme Of The Lost Hero

Why courge is the theme

About the Book

The book, called "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan, mostly about three teenagers, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, and Jason Grace. All three of them gets send to Camp Half- Blood, where they all face a dangerous quest that will save their life and the Greek Mythology. The title, The Lost Hero, fits the story because it was mostly about a lost hero and Jason was kind of lost since he lost his memory.

The Theme

The theme of the book would be courage because the book was mostly about heroes and heroes are all about courage. In the beginning, the main characters, (Jason, Piper and Leo) all didn't have that must courage, until they had been invited to complete a quest, all three of them had find their true selves and grew courage to save the world.

"You are not just beauty, of course. You are powerful and your family, even your friends are awaiting for you." (Riordan 429)

The quote is saying that Piper is not all about beauty, even if she is a daughter of a beauty goddess. She knows that she is powerful and knows what to choose and the future.

" 'Father, Jason thought. If I've ever did anything good, anything you approved of, help me now. I offer my own life- just save my friends.' " (Riordan 466)

This quote is showing that Jason, even though he has no memory of the past , he has the courage to be speaking to his own father about what he could do, to just save his friends.

"You're right. Leo's destiny is anything, from fire to fixing metal." (Riordan 523)

This quote is saying that Leo's confidence is growing and his power is becoming mature. Leo has a tool belt, can summon fire and can fix almost any broken device, and it's all in his destiny.

The Theme is Universal because............

The theme actually affect the story by showing the characters' emotions about how they have changed from the beginning of the book the book to the ending of the book.
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