Summer Spanish with NCVPS

Spanish 1 Week 8 con Sra. Chaney

Things to know for this week

  • All assignments must be in by TOMORROW Wednesday, August 6th by 11:55pm.
  • The final exam will open Thursday, August 7th (12:00am) and is due Friday, August 8th by 11:55pm.
  • All students need to attend a Unit 8 / Final Project/Exam RLC THIS WEEK! Check the Google calendar in the course for times.
  • The week 7 grade report has been submitted to NCVPS and the gradebook reflects the student's current grade (minus anything that has been submitted to be graded since about 8pm on Tuesday night). Please contact me today for a grade update if needed!
  • NCVPS wants all students to fill out this survey:

Unidad 8: La Comunidad

At the end of this unit students will be able to say:

  • I can describe where I live and talk about the places in my town/city.
  • I can talk about where people go and how they get there.
  • I can talk about the Costa Rican rainforest and what people do and see there.
  • I can talk about what I have to do to travel.

Contact Señora Chaney

Office Hours this week are Monday through Friday 5-6pm. Appointments can be made for other times. Email or text is the best way to be in touch during the day.

Tips for a Great Final Project

As we head into the final project and exam, here are a few tips for creating a great final project:

  • Get started early.
  • Do not plan what you are going to say in English first (this trips even the best students up, every time!).
  • Carefully review the Summary of Course Content Document:
  • You shouldn’t have to use a dictionary or a translation of any type with this project.
  • Take pride in your project.
  • Remember that the content is the most important ingredient.
  • Before you submit your project, do a checklist for yourself of the vocabulary and structures.
  • As a final step, look over the project and ask yourself if it showcases what you know/have learned in Spanish?

For more elaboration on these tips, check out this document:

Conduct Reminder for Students

  • Academic Dishonesty applies to those who not only take, but give their work to another student. As we head into the final, if you feel tempted to share your work with another student remember this fact. Here is a link to the Student Conduct document as a refresher: especially this part: NCVPS expects students to maintain academic integrity while participating in online courses. These expectations include the following: Students’ work (such as assignments, postings, tests, and projects) must be original. Student collaboration with others on any assignment must be pre-approved by instructors.Plagiarism, copyright infringement, falsifying work, and cheating are unacceptable.
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