Writer's Workshop Componets

Guiding Writer's to Success

Mini Lesson and Status of the Class

Mini Lessons are 5-15 minutes of targeted instruction. The teacher is modeling, sharing, and interacting with students about writing. Mini lessons consitst of Model Writing, Shared Writing, and Interactive Writing. Status of the class is a short 5-10 minute time, where the teacher listens to where the students are in the process of the Writer's Workshop.

Writing Time, Conferencing, and Flexible Grouping and Sharing Time

The majority of the time should be spent in Writing time. While student are writing, teachers should be conferencing with student and working in flexible grouping to meet the needs of the students. Sharing time is the most important time. Students are able to share their work with each other in whole group or small groups. Student discuss thier topics, thier ideas, and receive tips from thier peers.