Workplace Relationships

Workplace Co-op Module 3 Review

Communication Skills

  • Effective communication is necessary for workplace success
  • The goal of communication is to create a mutual understanding between the sender and the receiver
  • There are appropriate times to use both the formal and informal communication channels
  • Listening and silence are effective tools for effective communication

Accountability and Workplace Relationships

  • Take responsibility for the job you perform by being accountable for your actions
  • Keep workplace friendships positive
  • It is best to refrain from dating anyone at work
  • Practice good etiquette at social functions that occur within the office

Teamwork, Motivation and Leadership

  • Most companies use teams to accomplish goals
  • A good team member is one who does his or her job in a manner that is productive toward the end project
  • Communication is a key element of effective teamwork
  • Motivation is an internal drive that causes you to behave a certain way

Conflict and Negotiation

  • A natural element of working with others is conflict
  • How you deal with conflict determines your maturity level and professionalism
  • Attempt to resolve conflict at the lowest level, as soon as possible
  • Recognize the warning signs and take appropriate precautions to decrease the probability that you become a victim of workplace violence

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