Things That Interest Me

By Nate Crawford


Hockey is my favorite sport.

I want to be a professional hockey player when i grow up.

Professional hockey player


Video Games

They are fun to play.

I play with my friends online

Professional gamer

Game maker


It is a very fun sport.

I like to play with friends.

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I like learning about new things.

I think all the labs we do is interesting

The teacher

Inventor of new elements

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Its fun to make new things

What you make can change the world

A game maker

A person who changes the world

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I've been twice and i want to go again

the water is a lot warmer then you think

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You don't know whats out there

Space is endless just like your imagination

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Math is in a lot of jobs and you need to know it

Math is easy for me

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The company has unimaginably nice cars that i could never think of

my favorite kind of car

The person who designs the car

The photographer

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I have always had a love for animals

I want to have animals in my life always

A veterinarian

wildlife preserve owner

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My family

I love my family

They will always e a part of my life

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A way of refueling your body

Its tiring

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