by:Hunter Lorbeck

Typing Web

1.Typing web can help you type faster then you think

2.You have to finish some lessons in 1 quarter can do games and things

iTrailer get to projects about your self get to know people better

3. I trailer is fun to use and you can learn things


1.You find a new career take test and maybe it will give a job you maybe like

3.and there is fun games.

Haiku Deck

1.You can present in class

2.You can make it as long as you need it

3.You use it and it is fun

Explain Everything

1.You can use can use your voice. can use you fingers for alot of thing is fun and alot more things

Email Etiquette can learn how to use an email can send a lot of things with it

3.and you have to know how to send an email