Grade 2 News

Newsletter #2: How we Express Ourselves

UOI 1: How we Express Ourselves

Transdisciplinary Theme:

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Central idea: Folk Tales and Fables are creative expressions of our values (morals)

Key concepts: Function, Connection, Perspective

Related concepts: Culture, Story Elements, Creative Expression, Storytelling

Lines of inquiry

  • (Function) Folk Tales as oral traditions
  • (Connection) Morals found in folk tales and fables from diverse cultures
  • (Perspective) Expressing our values through fables

UOI Field Trip- Puppet Company

This UOI we went on a trip to the Puppet Company. Students watched a live puppet show depicting the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Students explored the PERSPECTIVE of how the story was told from the point of view of Goldilocks and from Papa Bear's point of view. We learned that there are two sides to every story and that sometimes more than one person can be right! We also became detectives to find out for sure which type of folk tale Goldilocks is a: fable or a fairy Tale? We each had our opinions and supported our thoughts using evidence from what we have learned about fables and fairy tales and we settled on a fable!

What have we been up to this Unit?

Making Animal Cracker Fables

Animal cracker fables

Module 3 to Module 4

Students have finished exploring concepts in module three in math including concepts such as:
  • comparing numbers using >,<,= symbols
  • writing numbers in different ways including unit form, standard form, and word form
  • compare numbers that are not written in the same format
  • adding and subtracting numbers in different formats

In module four we will :

  • develop place value strategies to fluently add and subtract within 100
  • represent and solve one and two-step word problems of varying types within 100;
  • develop conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers within 200.
  • Use a concrete to pictorial to abstract approach in addition and subtraction
  • use manipulatives and math drawings to develop an understanding of the composition and decomposition of units
  • relate representations to addition and subtraction.

What to expect next......

In the next few weeks we will be:

  • In Science we have finished our investigation into pebbles sand and silt and are starting our next investigation in matter and properties of matter as well as how they can be changed through chemical, and physical change (such as freezing, melting, or mixing) We will explore how matter can be manipulated and classified even when properties might be similar. We will be using a lot of food products to demonstrate how matter changes!
  • We will be finishing up the learner profile of Open-Minded and beginning our next learner profile of Reflective for the month of February. Dont forget to turn in your passports by February first!
  • In Reading our reading logs will be due February 24th for the six Flags reading challenge. We are also continuing to work individually and in small group on goals for each student based on their reading levels and needs. Each student has goals that are based in spelling, writing, and reading strategies to help them become better readers. Ask your students about their goals each week to see what they are working on.
  • In Grammar students are finishing up our study into nouns and will continue working with apostrophes and commas. Students are using them in their formal and informal writing and learning the rules for each.
  • International Day is next week (Friday February 3rd) as well as Grandparents Day! More information will be sent out via email on Monday InshaAllah! Our class will be representing Vietnam!


  • Our end of unit summative is coming up and students will be putting on a skit to present to peer visitors from their own age group as well as on Grandparents Day. Students have auditioned for characters in a play, created a face mask to wear and will learn their lines. Students have also designed stage props and a background to present setting in the skit. Students will have to portray the story with elements that depict our own culture while making the moral of this fable clear to the audience through their actions and words. The rubric is attached to this assignment on managebac for specifics on expectations.


  • Part of each Unit of inquiry is reflecting which we will be doing over the next few weeks. One thing that the students and I discuss in class and document is what they are doing outside of class that shows they are taking action with what they have learned. If there is any evidence of discussions, actions, or other evidence you have from what is happening outside of school that demonstrates what we are learning in the class is exhibiting at home please feel free to message me so that we can add it to our reflection board and demonstrate action outside of school when students use what they are learning!