Signing up for Dual Credit

Helias Catholic Dual Credit Information

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit offers high school student's the opportunity to enroll in a college and earn college level credit, while at the same time fulfilling high school academic requirements. In addition to earning college credit, dual credit courses offer several benefits: a smoother transition between high school and college, first-hand exposure to college-level work while still in high school, as well as financial savings for college coursework.


Online Dual Credit Enrollment Application--Due (online) MONDAY, AUGUST 29TH!

  • If you have taken Dual Credit before, you do NOT need to complete this online enrollment application.
  • If you are new to Dual Credit, you MUST complete this form

Registration Form

DUE (to the Counseling Office) MONDAY, January 16TH!

  • You will receive this registration form in your dual credit course.
  • All students taking Dual Credit MUST turn in this form--You received this in your Dual Credit Course at the beginning of January
  • Please be sure to include your Lincoln Student ID# on your Registration Form


  • The tuition for dual credit courses is $75 per credit hour. Students can access their accounts either through Student Portal or by contacting the Cashier’s Office.
  • Payment must be made through Lincoln.
  • For Additional questions regarding payment, please visit Lincoln's Portal or call Lincoln Directly at: 573-681-5085

What you need to know about Dual Credit...

Grades in dual credit classes will stay with them through their college career and on their college transcript.

Courses are taught at Helias during the regular school day. Students do not need to travel to the college.

Maintain a college grade of “C” or better to remain in the program.

Withdrawal from a dual credit course requires notification of your high school Counselor and completion of the necessary paperwork. The college calendar has drop dates that are essential for dropping a course without a grade and dropping with a “W”.

Credit Transfer— Courses may not transfer to all universities. Please verify if courses will transfer to the college of choice.