Chief Justice John Marshall

Alexandra Carl and Stephen Crouch

Marbury vs. Madison


Summary- Marbury was not given his appointment by Madison

Constitutional Principle- Judicial Review

Significance- Courts can declare laws unconstitutional

Fletcher vs. Peck


Summary-Georgia state legislature awarded territory to four companies. The next year the legislature voided the law and declared all rights and claims under it to be invalid. John Peck acquired part of the land then sold it to Robert Fletcher 3 years later claiming past sales of the land had been legitimate. Fletcher argued since the original sale of the land was invalid, Peck had no right to sell the land thus committing a breach of contract.

Constitutional Principle-Federalism

Significance-First case which Supreme Court ruled a state law unconstitutional

Martin vs. Hunter Lesse


Summary-VA enacted legislation that gave the state the power to confiscate the property of Boston loyalists.

-Hunter was given land by the state.

-Martin held the land under devise forom Lord Thomas Fairfox

Constitutional Principle-Federalism

Significance-The U.S. Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction over state court decisions involving federal law.

McCulloch vs. Maryland


Summary- Maryland wanted to close the Baltimore branch of the National Bank by passing a law stating all banks created out of the state should pay a yearly tax. James McCullough refused to pay the tax and was sued by the state of Maryland.

Constitutional Principle- Federalism

Significance- Shows supremacy of the federal government over state.

Dartmouth College vs. Woodward


Summary- Issue over NH trying to change charter of the College.

Constitutional Principle- Federalism

Significance-Marshall says the charter was a contract

-"The Constitution protected contracts against state encroachments"

Cohens vs. Virginia


Summary- Congress authorized a lottery in Washington DC and the Cohen's brothers sold DC lottery tickets in Virginia, violating state law. State authorities tried and convicted the brothers then declared themselves the final arbiters of disputes between the states and the National Government.

Constitutional Principle- Federalism

Significance- State laws and constitution repugnant to the constitution and federal laws.

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