Neonatal Nursing

By: Kailey Summons

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Job Description

When they get to work they do the following:

  • Take over for the nurse before
  • Make sure that the babies are getting the care that they need (machines are working)
  • Administer medicine as needed
  • Bathe babies and help weigh them
  • Carefully monitor each baby

Working Conditions

Nurses are on their feet a lot during the day. They have to constantly monitor babies, therefore having to walk back and forth between babies. You will have to work with lots of people, other nurses or new parents. You wouldn't have to travel because you would work at the same hospital every day. It may be stressful for you because families are depending on you to care properly for their babies.
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Training and Education

  • 66% have their Associates degree
  • 23% have their Bachelors degree
  • This job requires one or two years of training
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Personal Charecteristics

  • People person
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Patient
  • Good communication skills
  • Empathetic

Earnings and Flexibility

  • $67,490 is the annual pay
  • $32.47 is the hourly pay
  • Average vacation is Two weeks
  • Twelve days of sick time
  • It's not hard to find work because they are always needed
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The best two nursing schools in the nation are:

  1. John Hopkins University (Baltimore MD)
  2. University of Pennsylvania (Plhilidelphio PN)

NICU Nursing