The Canon EOS 6D guide

Easier to Understand Than the Manual

Your Complete Guide to the Canon EOS 6D

Canon 6D Experience is the new eBook from Douglas J. Klostermann, published on the Full Stop collection, a series of guides for Canon and Nikon cameras.

In the same vein as previous titles, this is a 248 pages illustrated eBook that covers all aspects of the new Canon EOS 6D, going where no manual dares to go. The author has a vast experience in the creation of these guides for people who hate to read manuals and prefer something written by photographers for photographers.

Multiple comments from buyers of previous guides in this collection suggest photographers are really happy with the knowledge these eBooks are offering people at a reasonable price. Browsing through the pages of Canon 6D Experience one finds the same beat, the same level of professionalism from previous titles in the collection.

This digital guide to the Canon 6D is a 248 page illustrated e-book that goes beyond the 6D manual to explain how, when, and why to use the features, settings, and controls of the 6D to help you get out there shooting in the real world.

The eBook is readily available in two instant download (PDF and EPUB) and the author offers other solutions under request. The price for Canon 6D Experience eBook is $14.99, the best money you can invest to have the best experience with your camera. Through understanding what it can do for you, something easily achieved through this guide that does more than explain the technical aspects: it shows you how to best use your 6D.