Water Problems in Chad

The children and people living in Chad need your help!

The Issue With Water Problems

The diseases caused by water are schistosimiasis, bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis E, typhoid fever, and leptospirosis. This is a problem because children and families don't have clean water and can get these diseases. The diseases are fatal, but some can be cured. Animals can also get some of these diseases like leptospirosis. Some of these are caused by snails and schistosimiasis is one effect of the snails.

A Solution to the Issue with Diseases

The Solution and Ways to Help

We can make a water filter to put in the communities water sources. It will help clean the water and prevent diseases. it will help prevent as many deaths, as some diseases can be deadly, and less illnesses. Now I can tell you about the fundraiser we will be having called ImHelpingChad. This water filter can save so many lives and all you have to do is donate the max of $5 a month. We will be holding a fundraiser in January at the location and time on our website. Thank you for your support and we will send you a picture of a person or child that thanks to your donation, was saved from water diseases.

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Contact ImHelpingChad and donate at the sources below!!