Twitter Basics for Teachers

How to navigate the Twitterverse with ease:)

Why should I use Twitter? What is all the fuss about?

Twitter is a completely unique experience for each user. People use Twitter to follow celebrities, athletes, politicians, industry leaders AS WELL AS educational leaders & peers. Millions of teachers share resources, ideas, passions and challenges each day. Though there is a perceived learning curve to be able to navigate the Twitterverse, we feel that by using this guide, you'll be able to hold your own in no time!

Don't forget - there are several YouTube videos and other platforms with great tutorials if you need additional help!

Create and Access Your Account

You can create an account on your phone (using the Twitter app) or by visiting the Twitter website. You will be asked to create an account (username and password) and you will have to verify your account. Here are a few tips for account creation:

  • You will need to give an email address. You can choose your personal or professional email.
  • Choose a password that is easy to remember.
  • Choose a username that people can associate with - you will be much easier to find in searches.
  • Don't make your username too long.
  • Make sure you write down/save your username and password where you can recall them if necessary. Recovering a Twitter account when you can't find your info can be extremely difficult.

Common Twitter Symbols

These common symbols will be the same on your desktop or mobile device. Understanding what the symbols mean is essential in learning how to use Twitter effectively. We have selected six symbols to describe in detail. Always make sure you are using the right symbol for your desired Twitter action. If you get confused, always go back to the "home" option and start again!

How to Interact with Another User

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  • To like someone's tweet, click the heart symbol.
  • To retweet someone's tweet, click the double arrow symbol.
  • To reply to someone's tweet, click the single arrow symbol.
  • To follow a user, hover over or click on their name and click on the follow symbol.

How to Tweet

You have 280 characters. Use them wisely.
  • Tag users by using the @ and their handles.
  • Use hashtags by using the # - you must use the correct one to show up in that search.
  • The 280 limit will decrease with each character you type. Keep an eye on the wheel-like symbol in the bottom right portion of your tweet!
  • If you copy/paste a link, it counts as 23 characters (no matter how long it actually is).
  • Don't mention yourself (by using your own username) in your Tweets - it is considered rude and in very poor taste!
  • Don't tag several people at the end of a tweet just because you have room.
  • If you want to send a tweet to just one user, put their handle (username) at the beginning of the tweet. If not, the tweet will go to all of your followers.

Personalizng your Twitter Experience

  1. Choose a username that people can associate with you
  2. Don't make your username too long
  3. Add NCBT behind your actual name (not the username)
  4. Choose a profile photo - don't leave it blank!
  5. Describe who you are in your profile
  • Share what you do in education (role, content, etc.)
  • Share your school and district/prof. org.
  • Add at least one hashtag (#NBCT, #TeamNBCT, #WeAreJCPS, #KYGoDigital)
  • List your blog or website if you have one
Click Here - Basic "Rules to Tweet By"

Click here for basic Twitter etiquette rules. You can also Google "Basic Twitter Rules" if you want to learn more. This link does a great job of explaining basic tweeting rules.

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