Healthy relationship?

(It's good for your physical and mental health.)

What is considered a healthy relationship?

- You respect your partner's privacy

(Just... don't invade your partner's privacy if you still want to be in a relationship.)

- Be honest

(If you eat the last slice of leftover pizza, then tell them that you did. It might hurt them but it's better than them going around hunting for the person that ate their pizza.)

- Trust them

(Don't trust them sometimes, okay. Don't trust them all the time... Why on earth are you guys dating then anyway?)

- Criticize them

(Him: "Go to the gym. You're fat and ugly."

Her: "What?"

Him: "You heard me."

Her: "We're over."

Him: "What?"

Her: "You heard me."

Criticize is okay but just... choose when and what to criticize them on. And if it's something hurtful, choose what word to say.)

- Don't be obsessed with them

( If your partner ask "where are you going?" "can I go there with you?" "when are you going to take a shower?" "did you breathe today?" all the time. I think you should break up with them before they start asking about your best friend's cousin' brother's pet's girlfriend.)

Oh one more thing.

That was only a few advice to a healthy relationship...

Common UNHEALTHY relationship

- No trust relationship

( She's not cheating on you. Now get over it.)

- No honesty relationship

( Lying all the time in a relationship? You don't deserve the relationship then.)

- Obsessive relationship

( You should really break up with them. They might ask for who's your kindergarten's crush then hunt them down.)

- Only wanting attention relationship

( You want people to know that you're dating someone? No? Then explain why you post a "romantic" status or "romantic" photos on Facebook every 5 seconds again?)