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Monday, 12/14/15

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Sharepoint Back Up!!

Sharepoint is back up and running! Just remember to keep a digital copy of anything you upload!

Q2 Progress Reports

Just so you are aware, progress reports for ALL students will be going out via mail merge today (thank you, Johnny and Melissa!!), including current grades, attendance, completion status on several required items, etc. Please ensure that you are continuing to support your students throughout the quarter!

December DDI Conferences

Our monthly conference schedule is postponed in December due to the winter holiday. To ensure that we are still looking at data and using it to drive instructional choices, please respond to the email sent by your HLT on 12/10/2015. This email provided pass rate data for your courses.

Remember to reply to your HLT AND implement your plan of action by COB Friday, December 18:

  • Come up with a plan of action to motivate failing students to catch up over the winter break (use your gradebook(s) to identify specific students/failing grade bands). Respond to this email with the details of your plan – will you be sending catch up plans on an individual basis? Based on missing assignments? Based on grade bands? Will you be offering extra credit points for work completed over break? Will you be adding a catch up announcement to your course?

HOLIDAY Break - Potential Student Catch-up Time!

Please let your students know, during the Holiday Break, they have the opportunity to login to content and CATCH-UP! This time will be very useful for students who have fallen behind in their courses. Please make your students aware of this opportunity.
Ideas Include:
  • Email/Kmail blast to your HM and content students
  • Weekly NOHS announcement
  • Add this reminder to your Content Calendar
  • Offer an incentive to students who are completely caught up in their course upon return from the break. (Extra Credit is a great incentive!)

Please share your ideas with your HLT!

Quarter 2 ILPs

This is a reminder that ILPs should be completed no later than Friday, December 18. Please remember that students who already had an Initial ILP need only have an update conversation, but students who are new this quarter must have an Initial ILP.
ILP Instructions can be found in Sharepoint.
BreadCrumbs: SharePoint California Managed Schools > Teams > IS-CALA > Insight Manual > Individualized Learning Plans

No Department Meeting 12/15/2015

To give you time to work on upcoming due dates, we will not be holding a Department Meeting tomorrow. Please use this time to work on the following items:
  • SBAC PPT collaboration (due Friday, 1/8)
  • Complete ILPs (due Friday, 12/18)
  • Create Catch-up Plans for failing students (due Friday, 12/18)

Quarter 2 Due Dates & Deadlines

Please use the combined report sent last Friday, 12/11, to see where your homeroom students are in terms of BTSP, ILP, and i-Ready completion. It is imperative that all students complete these items ASAP (with the exception of 12th graders and i-Ready). If you are struggling with getting any particular students to complete these, please reach out to your HLT for suggestions and assistance!

Module 5 Training

Please continue completing module 5 training tasks. If you need to re-download these modules, the training guide is attached and is due to your HLT on 12/18/2015.
  • New teachers please download : SY 15-16 New Teacher Training- Module 5
  • Returning teachers please download: SY 15-16 Returning Teacher Training - Module 5
  • Upon completion, please update the HAT:
  • Please Scan and email your completed guide to your HLT by COB on 12/18/2015

Quality Online Teaching VNTSP:

Quality Online Teaching: Reporting Personal Progress:

New Teacher Training:

Section sizes have been increased for this class. There are two remaining dates for each section to meet; one in January and one in April. Since this is a multi-event classroom, when a new teacher enrolls for a section, they are enrolled for both dates. We hope everyone will attend both dates to get the most out of the class, but the minimum requirement is to attend one date with a whiteboard posting of their own progress. Directions for how to prepare the posting are in the curriculum.

Once a participant attends and posts, they should NOT cancel their enrollment, even if they aren't going to attend on the other date(s). Cancelling will remove their name from the roster and prevent the issuing of a certificate at the end of the year.

Optional Teacher Resources

Here at Insight, usernames and passwords can get a little overwhelming at times. To make your life a little easier, the following free program provides a secure way to store passwords.


Feel free to USE or TOSS!

Why Use LastPass?

Due Dates and Reminders

Dec. 2nd-18th: Q2 ILP Update Window

Dec. 18th: Teacher Training Module 5 Due to HLT (Update HAT)

Dec. 18th: Quarter 2 - C1 - New Students - Initial ILP Due

Dec. 18th: Email Employee Attendance Card

Dec 21st-Jan 1st: Winter Break

Jan. 4th: Quarter 2 - C2 - New Students - Initial ILP Due

Jan. 12th: LP-4 Ends; (12/2/2015-1/12/2016)

Jan. 13th: LP-5 Begins (1/13/2016-2/18/2016)

Jan. 18th: Martin Luther King Day (Holiday)

Jan. 29th: Quarter 2 Gradebooks Due

Jan. 29th: Email Employee Attendance Card

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