All About Iraq

Government, Economy, and Entertainment


Full Name: Republic of Iraq

Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Capital: Baghdad

Chief of state: President Fuad Masum

Head of government: Prime Minister Haydar Al-Abadi

Cabinet: Prime minister suggest, approved by the Council of Representatives

The Prime Minister is elected/re-elected every 4 years

There is an Executive branch, a Legislative branch, and a Judicial branch.

Pressure right now from the Sunni militias.

National Symbol and Colors
  • Golden Eagle
  • Red, White, and Black

National Anthem: Click here! ==============> <================


GDP per capita:
  • $14,100 (2014 est.)
  • $14,600 (2013 est.)

  • $14,500 (2012 est.)

Population below poverty line: 25% (2008 est.)

Inflation Rate: 3.3% (2014 est.)


  • $94.43 billion (2014 est.)
  • Crude oil 84%
  • India 22.2%, China 19.6%, US 14.6%, South Korea 10.1%, Greece 5.2%, Italy 4.3%


  • $62.34 billion (2014 est.)

  • Food and Medicine
  • Turkey 25.4%, China 15.5%, Syria 14.3%, US 4.6%, South Korea 4.4%

Currency: Iraqi Dinars (1 US dollar = 1186.73 Iraqi Dinars)


Kasim Abid is an Award-winning Iraqi filmmaker, director, producer and is the cameraman of all his films.

Major Tourist Sights
  • National Museum of Iraq
  • The Iraqi "Hunting Club"
  • Royal Theater, Baghdad, Iraq.

New Iraqi Pop Songs:

Dia Azzawi:

  • He first came to London in 1976, where he has remained and continued to develop his unique style that is instantly identifiable as his own. Azzawi is the most influential Iraqi artist working today who was around to witness the avant-garde artistic community in Iraq crumble. In 1969, he wrote and published the manifesto Towards a New Vision co-signed by Ismail Fattah and other artists and in the early 1970s, before moving to the UK, at the instigation of his friend Jamil Hamoudi (1924-2003).
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Iraqi Festivals

Iraq Short Film Festival

Established in 2005, the Iraq Short Film Festival celebrates movies made by and for Iraqis. A series of short films are shown in the Arabic or Kurdish language throughout Baghdad. The event is held August 1 through September 30.

Babylon International Festival

Held once a year, the Babylon International Festival encompasses all aspects of arts and music. The event represents different cultures and civilizations, celebrating science and culture through folkloric ensembles, singing, musicals, stage performances, seminars, workshops, and other activities. Its main goal is to preserve ancient traditions by passing them on to the younger generations. The annual event takes place September 22 through October 1.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day (December 25) is celebrated differently in Iraq than in the west, observed by the few remaining Christians in the country. The day is marked with a ceremonial reading of the nativity story from the Arabic Bible. During the reading, family members hold lighted candles as they listen, and once the story is finished, a bonfire is lighted using the candles and a pile of dried thorns in the courtyard, symbolic of the future of the household in the coming year. Once the thorns have completely turned to ashes, family members jump over the remnants and make a wish. Religious services are also held in local churches, followed by processionals.

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