We will learn about: The Word Of God

God speaks to us through human words, in the Bible. We call the Bible and Jesus Christ the Word of God. The word "bible" comes from the Greek word, "biblios" which means books. It's divided into two parts, The New and The Old Testament.


The Old, OLD, Testament

Jewish people in the Old Testament were called Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, and Judeans.

The Old Testament talks about the creation of the world and all that happened during that time. There are 4 sections of the Old Testament including:

  • The Pentateuch
  • The Historical Books
  • The Wisdom books
  • The Poetry Books

  • And the Prophets!

The Pentateuch

It means "five books", by the way. It talks about earlier times and about the Israelites. In the Pentateuch, you can read about God's promises to the Israelites and about the laws He gave them.

The Historical Books! 1250 BC to 100 BC

No, not historic as in there was a fight and then a war and then many people died. Historic like, the Israelites' Promised Land, their kings, and exiles.

Poetry AND Wisdom Books

It's just mostly a collection of hymns, poems, proverbs etc.


In these books, you will find a bunch of prophecies that came from 16 prophets.


Creation of the Old Testament

The stories in the Old Testament used to be told by word of mouth, or oral tradition.

Then, people wrote them down and by the 6th century (BC) the Old Testament was starting to take shape.

It was written in Hebrew mostly at first, but Greek started becoming a more and more influential language.

Soon, a Greek translation for the Hebrew Scriptures was written.


In 382 (AD) the Pope Damasus asked Jerome to make a Latin translation of the Bible. Jerome made the Vulgate which Catholics used for centuries.

  • 1943-
Pope Pius XII let scholars use the Hebrew and Greek to make other translations.

God, The Author and The Holy Spirit, the Guide.

The Holy Spirit guided the process of writing down the Old Testament.

God is the real author of the Bible, but the Holy Spirit guided the making of the Bible.

We, as people, shouldn't look to the Bible for historically or scientifically proven information, but for spiritual guidance.

Frequent Questions (!!!!!!)

  • What are prophets?
Prophets are those that speak God's Word. Their books, or prophecies, can bring joy and comfort, or can be dark and sad.

  • So, did God write the Bible?
Technically, yes. He didn't write it down physically with pen and paper but he did inspire people with His ways and gave them a boost to start writing. The Holy Spirit then guided the process of making the Old Testament.

  • The Bible isn't scientifically correct?
No. But spiritually, yes.

  • How do we know that people didn't just make up stories?
Since the Holy Spirit guided the process, I don't think people would make stories up.

  • How did God communicate with those who wrote the Bible?
God appeared to them and they never forgot their encounters with God and then the Holy Spirit inspired them to write their stories down and they did.


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