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All about Islam

God- There god is called Allah.

Prophets- Abraham and Mohamed are the prophets in the Islam religion.

Holy Book- The holy book in the Islam religion is the Qu'ran

Key Beliefs- The key beliefs in the Islam religion is prayer on Fridays at the Mosque, Pray five times a day, and follow the Five Pillars.

Practices and Rituals- Some of the many Practices and Rituals are you must always pray towards Mecca, You can not eat pork, and they have fast Friday. (Not eating until after church)

Sects- Sunni and Shiite are the two sects in the Islam Church.

Worship Leader- Imam are the worship leaders in the Islam Church.

Place of Worship- Muslims practice there religion in Mosque's.

Holy Site- The Holy sites in Islam are Mecca and the five Pillars.

Holidays, Holy Worship Days- Some of the holidays in the Islam calendar are Ramadan and Eid al Fitr.

Followers- The Followers of the Islam Church are called Muslims.

Common Figure- A common figure to all three religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.) is Abraham.

View of God- The Muslims believe that there is only one god his name is Allah. Monotheism is the belief of only one god.

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