Newsletter Week 7 Term 4

Sawyers Bay School 2nd December 2021

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This week we get to welcome Hank to the School. Hank, we are thrilled to have you with us.

There has been some tremendous excitement this week as we finally got to open our Climbing Tower up for the kids. We have managed to get at least 50 kids all at once enjoying the climbing tower and a constant stream of kids coming and going. What we don't have is a nickname for the tower. We have invited some of the funding partners to a 'Grand Opening' on the same day as the final assembly. If you can think of a good nickname for the tower, let me know before then and we will see if we can give it a good name for the opening.

I would like to put another thank you out to all of those who made the incredible tower possible:

  • Aotearoa Gaming Trust
  • Otago Community Trust
  • Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation
  • Local 10 Maritime Union NZ
  • Sawyers Bay Transport
  • Tier 1 Building

And the biggest thanks goes to Kelly Laing and the wonderful PTA for all of their hard work and initiative pulling off this major project for our kids, thanks PTA!

Tomorrow your child will bring home the End of Year Formal Report. This is a summary of their achievement this year. We always focus on the progress made and where to next. I trust that you will find these informative. Included in the envelope is an optional feedback form. If you want to pass on feedback to your teacher about the report, or book in a time to discuss it, please do so.

Ka mihi,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Final Assembly for 2021 - Friday 10th December, 2pm
  • Last Day of Term - Wednesday 15th December, 1pm

Term 4 Week 6 Certificates


Term 4 Week 6 Te Akonga o te Wiki



This week, we welcome Hank to Papatūānuku! Hank started on the most exciting day, the day we were allowed to climb to the top of the spider web climbing frame! We were all so excited!

Thank you so much to the PTA and the families and businesses who have donated their time, money and construction skills to create this amazing piece of playground equipment. It will be so mult-beneficial to our tamariki and community. Look at the photo below to see what fun our class had on the climbing frame!

We have been reading lots of Greedy Cat stories this week, finding out who Greedy Cat is, what he likes to eat, what his personality is like. We then drew Greedy Cat using pastel on black paper. These cats all look great, and I was so impressed with how the children listened to instructions and thought about how they would like their Greedy Cat to look. Today we have made a Christmas frame, like the one on the cat door that Greedy Cat got stuck in, when he had eaten too much. We learned how to use Chatterpix to take a photo of our artwork, and create a voice recording of what Greedy Cat might have said. These will hopefully be uploaded to Seesaw over the next few days for you to be able to check out your kid’s amazing artwork, creativity, and ability to portray a character using Digital Technology!

Report by Mrs Campbell

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Wow the time is flying by and the children in Hine-Rau-Wharangi are very excited that it is now the month of December which is very relevant to our learning the days and months of a year. So we decided that this week would be the perfect week to get a Christmas tree up. Hine-Rau-Wharangi thought it would be a much better idea to make our own tree with decorations that we would be able to reuse and take home to put on our own trees. We have also been enjoying the new large piece of playing equipment and were very excited to be able to have a go at brain break time yesterday. In writing we are learning our home addresses and phone numbers just in case of an emergency and are thinking about a safety plan, it is always important to have a safety plan and to know who you should ring in case of an emergency.

Report by Mrs Brewer


Last Friday we were very lucky to have a fantastic Zoom meeting with Coach Amber from ASB. She talked to us about putea (cash), invisible money and how to ‘stop the wheels and look for deals’. Amber was very impressed with our knowledge about money and she had us thinking hard to work out which deals were the best at the supermarket. Below are a couple of pictures of us planting trees along Mathews track. We were very excited last Thursday as we wandered down there, alongside Ranginui, to plant over 50 native trees! It was so nice to get outside in the sunshine and to do our bit to help nature thrive in our beautiful community. Thank you to Anita and Steve who prepared and organised the planting site for us! Below I have also included a picture from one of our Writing sessions this week. The children wrote persuasive stories about whether or not they would keep a dinosaur as a pet. There were some convincing points so we decided to end our writing session with a small debate. We were surprised to see how many children thought that dinosaurs would not make good pets. Only 3 children would keep one as a pet. Both sides put some fantastic arguments forward. One convincing point that popped up quite a bit was the responsibility of picking up your pet dinosaurs droppings! Not many of us thought that this would be a very pleasant experience.

This week our dinosaur topic is slowly morphing into a space theme. We have been fascinated by what may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. We have been learning about the K/T boundary line which is a thin clay layer that divides layers of sediment around the world. We have listened to geologists, scientists and paleontologists explain how they found the layer and what it represents - possible evidence that a meteor, from space, hit earth and caused 70% of Earth's species to become extinct...including the dinosaurs! Dinosaur fossils have been found below the K/T boundary line but they have never been found above the line. Next week we will move away from dinosaurs and focus more on space - we are hoping to design, build and fly rockets to the moon so watch this ‘space’!

Report by Mrs Swete


Hi everyone

I hope you are having a great week! Ranginui students have been really busy learning how to read an analogue clock and most are able to read to the exact minute and work out what the time would be in 10 minutes from a given time. We joined Tawhiri-matea last Thursday and headed off to Pete’s Patch to plant native trees. It was such a beautiful morning and we quickly planted 50 natives. Wow, it is an amazing place to visit! Ranginui were able to see trees they had planted last year and saw how big they had grown.

This week we have been learning about the emergency services, how to call and give our addresses and phone numbers. At home you could talk about emergency plans, meeting places and help us to practice saying our address and any other important phone numbers. For writing we wrote about finding Santa stuck in the chimney and what we would say when calling 111 for help. Great pieces of writing Ranginui!

We will continue to learn about how the fire, ambulance and police help us.

A huge thank you to all who have been part of building our new playground equipment. We are having so much fun!

Report by Mrs Ruzsa


Wow! How is it December already?! We have continued our learning about Position and Orientation this week and are beginning to look at coordinates. We have designed our own ‘lands’ with lots of fun activities (and with a wee Christmas theme!) and have written some questions to go with our maps for others to answer. Some of our activities are Santa Sack Racing, Ferris Wheels, Candy Cane Swimming Pools and Magic Carpet Rides. The children have been super creative and imaginative with their ideas! We are looking forward to having these finished and sharing them with others and seeing if they can answer our directional questions. Our new playground equipment has been a huge hit and thankfully we have had some beautiful sunshine to enjoy it. Big thanks to the PTA for making this possible for our children - and to all those woodchip helpers!

Report From Miss Laing

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Tāne Mahuta

We can’t believe how fast this term is going in Tane Mahuta! This week some of the children had their final Kelly Sport session with Terryn. This session was particularly fun, we were practicing ball and racket skills and worked on our coordination. Some of the activities were tricky! For example, we played Four Square with tennis rackets and tennis balls. We had to concentrate really hard not to perform hits that were too big, otherwise we were OUT and had to swap with someone else. It challenged a lot of us to try different ways of hitting the ball so we could stay in for as long as possible. Kelly Sport was a LOT of fun this week!

Report by Miss Tenci

Sports News

This Week's results:

Touch Rugby

Team Awesome 6-4 W POD Liam M.

SBS Incredible 6-5 W POD Thomas

Team Touchdown 6-2 W POD Ngāki


Year 3/4 1-5 L POD Isabella R.

Year 5/6 2-4 L POD Archie

Community Notices

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