Pine Class News Update

May 1st, 2015

Great stuff happened this week in the Pine class!

Thanks to families for coming and spending time with us while Paul was away this week. It was lovely to see you in our morning meetings, at community gathering, during exploration time, and when we went on a walk in the neighborhood. Keep on coming. :-) Feel free to sign-up to come for exploration time (below) or just show up any time you can! (Paul, we hope you had a great week too and will see you on Monday!)
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Community Study

Thanks for working on the community cards! Looking at all the different communities that we're a part of has been really interesting! We made two large "nests" of all the communities trying to arrange them from large to small and looking at where we overlap. We also thought about what communities we are a part of that we should reach out to and tell about your farm stand that's opening next Wednesday.
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Farm Stand this Wednesday Run by the Kids!

Please stop by and purchase some fruits and veggies. We need to sell ALL of our produce in order to continue! Also, we are inviting kids to bring money to buy some things in case their parents can't come. We will need you to bring the kids down to purchase before dismissal. Please let us know if you have questions. Hopefully we'll be set up by the time recess is over so everyone can see the stand on their way inside.
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We've really been focusing on doubles facts (3+3, 10+10, 12+12 etc.) using lots of different concepts including shoes. Check-out the shoe game, made from drawings of our own shoes!
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Necklace Math

We've also been analyzing special necklace patterns from a story we read called Grandma's Necklaces. We've been cracking the code in terms of how many beads can be used to make each of Grandma's three patterns. Her patterns are ---one blue, one green ---five blue, five green ----and three blue, three green. Pines have tested their own ideas with blocks and tiles, used hundreds charts, and made many sketches. There has been lots of wonderful mathematical teamwork and problem solving!

Observation of our Exploration Time

Pines spent the end of last week and the beginning of this week doing a lot of observation of how our exploration time works and what is slowing us down during clean-up time. They have worked really hard to figure out better plans for cleaning up. Their hard work has paid off and our clean-up is much faster and more efficient!
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There's a race track in the Pine classroom.

It's called Tiger Race Track. Vehicles are being built in the art studio. On this track everyone wins it seems!

Our writing plans turn into drafts!

The Pines did a great job adding in more detail to their stories as they told them aloud to their classmates last week. This week we're working on getting that detail onto paper. What do the characters say? How do they move? What's the problem in this story?
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Exploration time visitors!

Thanks for coming in! We love having family members join us during Exploration time to lead an activity or to join in on some things already going on in the room. It's an exciting part of our day! Please see the volunteer sign-up link below:

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Compass Eco Fair Help Needed!

This is going to be a really great event out in the yard by Camel Park. Help organize the Eco Fair on June 6, 2015. All you need to do is sign up to organize a station. Managing a station means sourcing donations or helping us purchase materials and setting it up at the event.

For example, we still need leaders to organize the:

- bake sale

- compass store

- growing station

- painting station

- food vendors

If you are interested in making this exciting event happen, please sign up here:

Spring time flowers!

Pines looked through books of flowers and created some lovely spring decorations, just in time to retire the snowflakes.
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Reading Bag Reminder

Please remember to encourage your child to read for 20 minutes each evening. The books in their bag are on a level that they should be able to read on their own, but it's great if they can read to you!

Please remember that the bags need to come back to school EVERYDAY! They are a major part of our reading instruction each day both for full class reading time and small group instruction. Help to make this part of your child's daily routine. It's not your responsibility - it's theirs! :-)