An Outsider's Love

Created by Emily (Fawndapple), Tigerwar, Jenn, and Callmesky

About An Outsider's love...

Well, this project originated from my idea. My friend almost had to leave howrse because she was getting cyberbullied on there so bad that it was dragging her real life down, also. She was also hurt when she dated someone on there and they turned out to be a profile faker.
Profile faker: A person who creates an account and pretends to be someone else to get attention.
Well, you're probably thinking:
"Oh, well that's fine and dandy, but what exactly do you do with this group you've created?"
To answer that, I simply state:
To try to limit the amount of bullying on howrse. A lot of people don't report it, they just try to ignore it or shake it off. Listen: the first step in solving this problem before it gets worse is to tell someone you trust, to tell the mods, that is what they are there for! And when this bullying becomes ignored, the bully will move on. Yes, great for you, but not for others... So tell someone, speak up!
Another thing we will help with is identifying account fakers. It's kind of hard to do so, and we don't want to enforce that you shouldn't trust, but merely enforce the part about being aware, being cautious. If you don't want to be hurt, then please do be cautious.
And lastly, we will try to help out in anyway we can. Lonely? PM us mods, we'd love to chat! Feeling lost? Need someone to talk to? We'll answer, so go ahead and talk to us! We won't judge, we care for you.
So really, that's all of what An Outsider's Love is about. Just wanting to help people on howrse really enjoy the game without getting hurt.

Advice! : Hints and Tips

Okay, so here's some helpful tips and hints on how to stay safe on howrse :)

1a. Buddy up!
Find some great pals that have got your back for ya so if something goes wrong, you can just summon them, and they'll *poof* like magic, be there to protect your well being!
1b. Be considerate!
Sometimes, when you get bullied, you may provoke someone to bully you. Like maybe you offended that person or something by saying something you didn't realize would be offensive. We're all unique and special, so we don't all take something you say the same way as others. What you think may have been a compliment, others may take as something else. So just remember to be careful what you say.
2a. Watch people's profile pictures, or pictures they claim to be of themselves..
I'm not saying to be a stalker, but I'm saying that some people may post pictures of other people and claim that to be them. Also, don't accuse that person of anything, who knows, maybe it really is them! But if you google of a style of person for any reason, and the same one pops up from there that matches the picture of the profile's, then more and likely, that person is not who they claim to be.

Here's some info in case you need to contact me