Xbox One and Ps4 bundle

For great Price!!


We're selling this bundle of both consoles for the amazing price of $600. That's outstanding, not only because it's a good price, but because in addition you get a controller with each console along with a Xbox Kinect and Playstation camera. Wanna hear some legit things about this deal!!!!!

*The original price of an Xbox One with Kinect is $400

*The original price of a Ps4 with PlayStation camera is $400

*Each console was used about 3 time for my niece and nephew

*The regular price to this deal would have you at, at least $800

*You're saving an astonishing $200 by getting this deal

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Why am i selling this???

You may ask, Why in the world is this random guy selling me such a great bundle for such a great price??? Well I'm selling this to complete my savings to take my family on a vacation for my grandmother's last family reunion.

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