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Week of 4/27/15

Bus information

Even though we are winding down another fabulous school year, I thought you might be interested in a helpful link to find out the correct bus information for your student. Go to and click on the state of Texas. Your next step will be to click on Plano ISD. You will put in your address and it will give you all of the necessary bus information for your student. I've also attached the link at the bottom of this newsletter.

Tennis Camp

There will be 2 tennis camps held at Plano West this summer for kids 8-13 years old. The dates are June 8-12, and August 3-7. To sign up go to , click on the “Classes” tab at the top, then select “Summer Camps”. For more information contact Morgen Walker at

Wolf Pack Summer Conditioning Program

Wolf Pack Summer

Conditioning Program

Instructors: Plano West Coaches. The program will be coordinated by Plano West Head Coach and Athletic Director Scott Smith.

Coach Smith brings 24 years of coaching experience to the program. Over 400 athletes participated last summer.

Program Objective: The key to success in any sport is strength, speed and agility. This 6-week program will help to develop and improve your strength, speed, agility and self-confidence, which will improve your efficiency as an athlete in all types of sports.

Equipment: Each athlete should wear a good pair of running shoes, shorts and T-shirt to camp each day. This is not imperative, but will be to the advantage of the athlete.

Training: Training techniques will include weight training, speed programs, agility programs, plyometrics, flexibility, nutrition, etc.

Cost: $210.00 per person. We accept personal checks, Master Card or Visa. Make checks payable to Plano ISD. If your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, we reserve the right to electronically debit your account for the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25.00 (or legal limit).

Check Amount: $__________ Check #___________

Credit Card Information:

Check one: Master Card Visa

Card #: ____________________________________

Exp. Date: (MO/YR) ____________

Authorized User Signature:

______________________________Date: ________




Athlete’s Last Name: __________________________

Athlete’s First Name: __________________________

Birthdate: __________________________Sex: _____

Address: ____________________________________

City/State/Zip: _______________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

Parent’s Name: _______________________________

Parent’s Cell Phone: __________________________

***Person to notify in case of emergency:

_________________________ Phone: _____________

Age Now: ______

School Attending Fall 2015: ____________________

Grade in Fall 2015: ______


I. 8:30 am - 10:00 (incoming 9-12 graders)

II. 8:30 am – 10:00 (incoming 7-8 graders)

III. 10:30 am - 12:00 (incoming 9-12 graders)

IV. 10:30 am - 12:00 (incoming 7-8 graders)

V. 2:00 pm – 3:30 (incoming 9-12 graders)

Please Circle One Indicating The Session You Prefer To Attend.

Program Dates:

June 8th – June 11th

June 15th – June 18th

June 22nd – June 25th

July 6th – July 9th

July 13th – July 16th

July 20th – July 23rd


Plano West Senior High Activity Center


In consideration of my participation in the Wolf Pack Summer Conditioning Program, I do hereby release and discharge Plano ISD and all personnel thereof for all claims or damages, demand, action or whatsoever in any manner arising or growing out of my participation at the Wolf Pack Summer Conditioning Program. I attest and verify that I hereby release Plano ISD from any liability now or in the future. Including, but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains or pulls, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/lower back or foot injuries or any other illnesses, soreness or injury however caused, occurring during or after my participation in the exercise program. If, in fact, an injury that requires emergency medical attention occurs, I reserve the right for Plano ISD to take action through medical facilities in the area. Plano ISD reserves the right to discontinue an athlete’s program at any time for any reason. I have read the information in full, and to the best of my ability understand the information above.

Signature For Release Of Liability

Participant: _____________________________

Parent or Guardian: ______________________

Date: _____________

*Mail completed application with camp fee to:

Plano West Senior High

c/o Scott Smith

5601 W. Parker Rd., Plano, Texas 75093

Fees must be PAID IN FULL by MAY 29th

($25.00 late fee will be accessed after MAY 29th)

Email Coach John Lowrance For More Information

Summer Conditioning Q&A

Q Can I prorate if I am going on vacation?

A Yes, the weekly rate is $35.00 / week. No, we do not allow daily prorate.

Q Do I still have to pay the full amount of the late fee if I am prorating the sessions?

A Yes

Q Can I come to another session if I have a conflict?

A Yes.

Q Do I need to bring water?

A No. Water will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Q Should I eat breakfast before working out?

A Absolutely YES. Your body needs to be well nourished. Stay away from items that may upset your stomach, like Milk or highly acidic beverages such as Orange Juice.

Q should I attend both the Summer Conditioning and the Football Camp?

A Yes. It will be a lot, but your body can handle it. Just get lots of rest in between and eat plenty.

Q What time should I be there?

A Plan to arrive early. We will be there and ready up to 30 minutes before each session starts.

Q Is this geared to a football workout?

A No. Strength training is strength training. Speed training is speed training. Agility training is agility training. ALL sports can benefit from improving those aspects. By rule, we cannot have a sport specific workout.

Q Should I work out on days I have a baseball game in the evening?

A Yes. Just like the Football Camp, your body will recover if it is properly rested and nourished between workouts.

Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer.

Pictures from LifeTouch

Time is almost up!

Please send in your payment or return your unpurchased portraits to school. We would like to conclude our program this week!

Pay online at or return payment to school.

Se acaba el tiempo!

Por favor, envie su pago o devuelva sus fotos a la escuela. Quisieramos terminar el programa esta semana. Ayude a su Escuela! La escuela recibe un porcion de las ganancias de las ventas de fotos. Adona por internet en o envia el pago a la escuela.