Record Player

The Record Player has changed the world in many ways


The Record Player was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. The Record Player is also known as the Phonograph and the Gramophone. It was one of Thomas Edison's favorite inventions. More people stayed home to listen to music rather than going to concerts when the Record Player came out. The record player also comes in many different ways.


The Record Player is the same as any music player. You can listen to music just like any music player. People can enjoy it as much as any other music player. The record player looks the same as back then. Some people still use the record player today but not a lot of people.


Today, music players look different than the pass. Now people just attach a phone to speakers, and you can listen to any music. The material and the shape is way different then back then too. People can also listen to music with head phones, I pods, and MP3 players. People use more electronics for music now than back then.
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