Adversity's Faced In Athletes Life

By: Kyle McNeel

Michael Jordan As a Chicago Bull and In Highschool

Jordan's Adversity

Michael Jordan had an adversity in his life which had a large affect in his life but, he became very successful. When he was in high school, he didn't make it in his basketball team. Compared to when he made it in the NBA, he was different but similar in both those times.

Differences from High school From NBA

One reason in his life that he was different from when he was in NBA, to when he was in high school and didn't make the varsity team was, that he did make the team in NBA, but in high school, he didn't make his varsity team. He didn't make the team because the coach said Jordan was to small to be on the team. He was 5'9, but he had a major grow spurt as he was going into the NBA and became 6'4. That made him the team Chicago Bulls. In high school when he didn't make the team it was a very tough period for him. He thought that he wasn't good enough to be a basketball player because the coach said he wasn't good enough. But in NBA, he knew that the adversity he went through of not playing in the highschool team went past him, and he knew that the coach was not a great coach. Another difference he had from the adversity in high school, from him being in the NBA is that he won many rewards in NBA but not in high school. Mostly, he got no rewards in high school because he wasn't even on the team, secondly, he won many rewards in NBA because he had a grow spurt which made him a really good basketball player. In the NBA he won 2 medals at the Olympics and won NBA's most valuable player award 5 times in the Chicago Bulls.


From his adversity, he still had a similarity from when he was in high school, and when he was in the NBA. The similarity was that he was a great basketball player from when he was in both those times. In NBA he was amazing at basketball, and in high school he was great at basketball although he didn't make the team.

All in All

This all proves that he had a hardship in his life, and he was still similar to himself and different, when he was in NBA, from when he didn't make the varsity team In high school.

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Jim Abbott, Struggle With No Hand

Born With No Hand

Jim Abbott, in his life, was born without a right hand. He was an amateur at baseball as a pitcher. Imagine if you were a pitcher with only one hand playing baseball. Throwing was really hard for him, but he had a lot of practice with it. Here are some of the dates of events that have happened in his life.

The Things That He's Done

1980's he joined major league baseball and won 12 games in his first season, the most since 1976. It is actually very hard to be the best rookie when you only have one arm. Also in 1988 summer Olympics he got to pitch his final game and won the gold medal for the USA baseball team. He didn't get to pitch all of the games but he did really good in all the games that he played in. He did the best in the final game though. Sadly, he finished his career as a baseball player with a record of 87-108 in 1993, September 4.

The Legend

He is know now as a legend and won many rewards as a baseball player. Many people now know him as one of the best players ever although he had an adversity of having only one hand being a pitcher. He proves that even with no hand, you can still be someone who is a great athlete. for info graph

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A Problem With The Army, And A Solution To Fix The Problem

Gaining Fame

Melissa Stockwell was a U.S Army Veteran who lost a leg from a roadside bomb. Her problem was that without a leg, she couldn't play sports as good, she cant do as much fun activities that she could with a leg, and she also couldn't do what she loved most, swimming. It was hard losing that leg and hard to be a great swimmer again. Her lifelong goal was to be a Paralympic swimmer. She didn't think she could be one though without a leg. But she kept persevering and practicing so she became a great swimmer. That was her solution to be a swimmer again. She needed to persevere and keep trying to be a Paralympic swimmer. And that's how she became one.

Her Solution To Be A Paralympic Swimmer

She got so much attention from being a great swimmer. Melissa Stockwell also became a diver and a runner. She won the 2008 Paralympic 100 meter butterfly. It was the first Olympic gold medal that she had ever one. It was the most exiting day of her life. The lifelong goal of being a Paralympic swimmer was a success. She gained a lot of national attention. She said "I can do anything I want to do, missing leg or not." The solution to the problem was a great victory for her, and all of this proves that an adversity without a leg, still means you can do anything that you want to do, without and leg or not.

Learn More

Melissa Stockwell had went through an adversity in her life. Having a life without a leg after in accident, but she can still do things other people can do that have legs. Go on the website, to learn more.

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Kyle Maynard-Born With No Legs or No Arms At All

Born With Nothing

Kyle Maynard was born with congenital amputation, which means that you are born with no legs or arms at all. His cause was that he had this condition. Although he had this condition, he was determined to do many things.


One of the effects of his determination is that he became a football player. He wasn't professional but he was very good and was on a good team. He didn't play a lot but he practiced a lot. It was hard for him to play football but he learned a lot from his trainer. Once he got to play and he did super good and he got to play the whole entire game. Many people were very surprised on how good he played so they made him man of the match. This was not the only sport he played, and it wasn't the sport that he was best at, his best sport he played was wrestling.

Effect of Being A Wrestler

Kyle Maynard was a great wrestler. He got a record of 36 wins on his high school team. Kyle was good at wrestling but you would not expect that because having no legs or arms while playing wrestling would be super hard to do. You would expect to win against someone with a condition with no legs or arms but this actually proves that even with an adversity like this you can still do many things.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Lastly, he also had an effect of climbing a whole mountain. It was Mount Kilimanjaro. It was a great success for him and very hard for him to get up with no arms or legs on him. He stopped a lot climbing the mountain because he was very tired going up.

His Impact

The impact of having no arms or legs had a result of being a wrestler, football player, and mountain climber.

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Steve Downie In The NHL

His Disorder
Steve Downie has a adversity while he plays in the NHL. He has a disorder called otosclerosis which is a hearing disorder. He has to wear a hearing aid while playing hockey. The disorder consists of not hearing when playing hockey or not hearing when he gets a call. This is all because of his disorder. When the fans are loud than sometimes its to loud for him to hear. One example is that he gets penalty's and sometimes, he doesn't hear the penalty being called.

People Think Of A Weakling
Another reason that proves he has a bad hearing disorder is that when he cant hear on the ice, people can see him as a weakling. Fans call him a wimp just because the fans are the ones that are being loud so he cant hear. For instance when the ref calls something but Steve doesn't hear it. He sometimes cant hear a play so he keeps going. This is all why he has a hearing aid. It is also another reason that this adversity is bad for him to be playing but he plays anyway.

His Career

In Steve's hockey career, he faced an adversity and he has also proven that even players who wear hearing aids can be tough guys too.

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