Happy New Year! 2016 Has Arrived!

Language Arts Update. January 2016.

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a restful holiday season. 2016 is in full swing, and your students are rocking it so far. Not too much to update you on yet, but trust me, more to come very soon! As always, please e-mail me with any questions you have! Thanks for your fabulous students!


Michelle Wolfrum

7th Grade Language Arts

Team 7-1

Hard work pays off! Check out our recognized students!

Every week, I choose a student in each class that has worked really hard, specifically in participation, preparation, and effort. Recognized students are announced in front of the class and receive a certificate from me. They also get their name decorated with my super sweet artistic talents which is then hung on the Wall of Honor in the back of the classroom. It's a great honor in Ms. Wolfrum's class, and I know each and every one of our students are capable of great things! Keep up the great work Team 7-1!

Important Dates in January

January 18th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School

January 20th- Early Release for students

January 21st- Marking Period 2 ends

Check out what we did! Door Decorating Fun!

What's going on in Class?

Currently, students are reading The Diary of Anne Frank the play. When we are finished reading the play, all classes will be reading Torn Thread. Some classes, depending on time, will be reading articles and short stories to go along with Torn Thread while other classes will be reading book club novels. Every class regardless of what they are reading will be working on their close reading skills as well as gathering textual evidence to prove ideas and opinions.

After we finish reading and gathering all the textual evidence we need, students will be on their way to be writing their second performance task of the year! This performance task will be an informative essay on each student's own personal definition of courage. They will use textual evidence from all of their readings to support their ideas. After this unit, we will be moving on to a unit dedicated to celebrating the importance of culture. More information on that unit to follow in February and March!

In this classroom, we are upstanders! Check out some of the good deeds students did over break!

Call me, beep me, if you need to reach me!

Well, I don't have a pager, but you can call me or e-mail me if you ever have a question or concern! Let's work together, stay in contact, and keep these 7th graders grooving in 2016! Thanks for reading!