adrianna hetherton


hi my name is Adrianna and I will be talking about massachusetts so sit tight and read on :)

1. this is a tour of a beacon St Newton/Brookline. After that there is a map of massachusetts.

Tour of Beacon St Bike Route in Newton/Brookline, Massachusetts
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2. 5 interesting facts:

*Springfield, Massachusetts is home to the Basketball Hall Of Fame.
*The first subway system was built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1897.

*The popular “Fig Newton” snack is named after the city of Newton

*Rockport, Massachusetts is known for having a house that is built from nothing other than newspaper.
*The Pilgrim National Wax Museum is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is the only museum of its kind that is completely dedicated to the story of the Pilgrims.

3. Now you see if you look down below you can see the state house in Boston, massachusetts.

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4. 3 important people from this state are, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and lastly John Ashton. But these people are NOT the people down below in the pictures, thats a whole other thing.

5. these are famous people that were born in Massachusetts

6. why I think you should visit massachusetts.

I think you should visit this state is because it is full of beautiful land, Fenway park is a cool place to visit well your there, in fact most people visit massachusetts because of its deep rooted history. there are MANY, MANY, great reasons to take a family trip, or maybe even just with a friend but any way you go, I know you that will have a blast!