The Witch Trials

By Liam Dixon


Witch hunts began in the 15th Century in Europe. The belief was that Witches were trying to destroy Christianity.

Witch Tests

Swimming Test- Witches floated, the innocent sank

Prayer Test- The accused recited a verse from the bible, if recited perfectly they were innocent.

Touch Test- A possessed person would be blindfolded and touched by multiple people including the accused witch. If they reacted when touched by the accused, the accused was a witch.

Witch’s Marks - Check the alleged witch for a mark given to them by the devil.

Pricking and Scratching Tests- The accused was pricked or scratched until the witch hunter found the mark.

Incantations- The accused would attempt to order the devil out of a possessed person.


Most common way of executing a convicted witch was to have them burned at the stake, hanged on the gallows, or beheaded.

Experts estimate that somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 people were