Using Credit Wisley

By: Justin Doney

Credit VS Debit

Credit is using money that isn't yours that you have to pay back. Debit is purchasing something and the money comes straight out of you account.

3 Ways To Develop a Positive Credit History

1. Make Payments on time.

2. Hold a Steady Job

3. Have a Strong Bank Account History.

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5 Different Financial Apps And Websites To Help Manage Your Money

1. Credit Karma. Credit karma is a website that gives you a free credit score to check you financial credit. Mint is a website that will hold all your banking info for free.

3.Money Dance. Money dance is an app that supports online banking and budgeting.

4.Budget Simple. Budget simple is an app that helps you make a budget that works for you.

5.You Need A Budget. You need a budget is another Budgeting app that helps you make a budget that works for you.

3 Advantages and Disadvantages of using Credit.


1.It's more convenient than having cash or searching for an atm.

2. It keeps a record of your purchase history.

3. Credit cards come with perks.

1.Overusing credit could get you in a lot of debt.

2.Using credit means having to deal with fees.

3. You may get fees you didn't know about because of credit.

What is APR and why is it important to know when applying for a credit card?

APR or Annual Percentage Rate is the added amount you have to pay due to you borrowing money and not paying it back all at once. This is important to know because if you are someone who doesn't pay everything back at once, this could hurt you financially.

When and where can you order a free credit report?

You can get a free credit report anytime at Credit This is important because you can keep tabs on your credit.
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How can I Get Help If I Am Struggling Financially?

If you are struggling financially, you need credit counseling. One example of a credit Counseling agency is, They will help you with any financial problem you may have!