Christopher Columbus

an explorer of the renaissance

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Christopher Columbus background

  1. he wrote poetry in his spare time upon the ships of the great and vast seas.
  2. he always wanted to explore and have adventures as a kid.
  3. he had a ship with his brother but he sadly wrecked it of the coast of portugal
  4. when he was a boy and an older him he never wrote in his native language

achievements in Christopher Columbuses life

  1. in portugal he married the goveners daughter of porto, santo
  2. he had his first son in 1485
  3. The rounded shape of the earth had been known common knowledge among sailors and proved that it is round

Christopher Columbus impact on today

  1. he was the person who found the americas.
  2. he had a half dollar named after him and lots of stamps in his name/ face
  3. and he in flunced other people to go search this land after his 2 voyadge over there

interesting facts about Christopher Columbus

  1. he took 4 voyadges over to central america
  2. he wrote a poem to elisibith the Queen of Spain at the time telling her how the water is like her eyes
  3. he saild to Ierland in 1470 and saw 2 dead bodies looking like they had floated all the way from china.


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