Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Memory, Mental Imagery, Problem Solving

J.S. Mill

Mill provided the play book within human cognition and studied it scientifically.

Evolution of CBT

Before CBT evolved behavioral therapy was the name of the game. In 1960 the application of behavioral strategy was born and it targeted observable behavior and measuring outcomes; that is known as respondent behavior.

What Does All This Mean

CBT represents a combination of behavioral and cognitive theories of human behavior and psychopathology, and a melding of emotional, familial, and peer influences. True to its name, cognitive-behavioral therapy evolved as a rational mixture of behavioral and cognitive theories of human behavior, causal and maintaining forces in psychopathology, and targets for intervention. From early respondent conditioning theories CBT incorporates concepts such as extinction and habituation. CBT integrated modeling and cognitive restructuring strategies from social learning, and cognitive theories.